Best Dog Bones For Aggressive Chewers

Best Dog Bones For Aggressive Chewers

A dog gnawing on a bone is one of the most popular portrayals of the world’s favorite pet. Chewing is a natural instinct — if your pup isn’t given something safe to chew on, she will soon move on to furniture, shoes, and other valuable items. Check out the best dog bones for aggressive chewers and find out how to satisfy your dog’s chewing needs.

Why do dogs like bones?

You may have seen a dog enjoying a bone a number of times, but few of us have actually wondered: why do dogs chew bones? The question: “Why do dogs like bones?” has three equally true answers:

  1. Gnawing on a bone gives the dog a sense of satisfaction from preying.
  2. Natural and flavored bones are simply a delicious snack to chew on.
  3. Regularly chewing bones helps massage the dog’s teeth and gums.

What kind of bones are safe for dogs?

The image of a dog with a bone is so engraved into our minds that we hardly ever ask ourselves: are bones good for dogs? For centuries, people used to give their dogs leftover bones from dinner. However, recently veterinarians began urging dog owners against giving their real bones.

The damage from real bones can range from broken teeth and scratched tongue to dangerous blockages of the windpipe, stomach, or intestines. Plus, bleeding and peritonitis are also among the common side effects of chewing genuine bones. At the very least, you’ll be up for a huge bill from your veterinarian, although there have been cases where dogs died from the consequences of chewing real bones.

Given the potential damage from genuine bones, you can’t help but wonder: what kind of bones are safe for dogs? The good news is that there are plenty of safe dog bones for chewing in the market. Here is our guide to the best bones for dogs.

Best chew bones

If you’re currently researching what bones are safe for dogs, you should know there are four main types of dog bones that are absolutely safe for your pup and can efficiently satisfy her chewing needs.


Natural dog bones are a great alternative to leftover bones from cooked chicken or beef. These bones are rather challenging to chew through and can extend the fun for your dog. They won’t chip and will help keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean and healthy. However, natural dog bones can be quite messy when chewed, so make sure to limit the area of your dog’s chewing activities.

Pet ‘n Shape Beef Bone Natural Dog Treat

These beef bones come from grass-fed beef and don’t contain any artificial flavors or preservatives, minimizing the risk of any allergies. The bones are nearly hollow inside, so you can fill them with peanut butter for more enjoyment.

Jack&Pup Femur Bone Dog Treat

If you’re searching for the best bones for dogs that look and feel just like the regular bone but don’t have any potential side effects, check out the Jack&Pup femur bone! It contains just one ingredient and can be safely enjoyed for many hours. And even if your pup manages to chew off a piece, it will be safely digested.


Even the best dog chew bones are known to be quite messy, so if the smell and the stains are a big turn-off for you, consider surprising your pet with an antler! Chew antlers are naturally harvested and come from deer, elk, and moose. They produce no smell and are great even for the most aggressive chewers.

Heartland Antlers Premium Antler Dog Chew

These antlers are naturally processed with no additives and come in two sizes for all dog breeds. While your pup is enjoying her antler, she will also get a valuable supply of calcium, phosphorus, and other essential vitamins and nutrients.

Gnawtlers Premium Deer Antlers For Dogs

If your dog belongs to a larger breed and you are looking for a chew bone that will last for a long time, check out the deer antlers from Gnawtlers! These antlers go through a meticulous preparation process to give your dog only the best from the world of delicious treats.


For many dog owners, nylon dog bones are the perfect alternative to the real deal, just without the signature smell and floor staining abilities. Synthetic bones come in all shapes and sizes, making it very easy to find the right one for your pooch.

Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Dog Chew Toy

This Benebone chew bone is made from nylon and naturally flavored with either chicken, bacon, or peanut butter. The appetizing flavor makes the toy absolutely irresistible for dogs, and the convenient shape of the bone provides for an easy and firm grip.

Oneisall Indestructible Pet Chew Bone

In case you’re looking for a synthetic chew bone that doesn’t pretend to be a genuine bone and is simply a fun and durable toy for an aggressive chewer, the Oneisall bone may be exactly what you need. Packed with bacon flavor, this toy is also one of the dog teeth cleaning bones in the market.


When your dog has had enough of natural and flavored synthetic bones, the next best thing is a wooden chew bone. Shaped like a real bone, these bones are surprisingly durable and help your pup become closer to nature.

Petstages Ruffwood Wooden Dog Chew Toy

This wooden bone looks just like a real bone, but it’s actually a multipurpose dog toy. It can be enjoyed not only during individual play, but also used in a game of fetch and even for fun times on the water thanks to its floating abilities.

Dogwood Durable Real Wood Dog Chew Toy

The Dogwood bone isn’t made of solid wood, but contains plenty of real wood to make it truly irresistible for your pup. It last longer than sticks and doesn’t produce any messy chips. It’s great for controlling your dog’s destructive behavior!


Now that there are so many fantastic alternatives to real bones, which can be very dangerous, all you need to do is pick the right one for your dog. No more mess, smell, stains, or risk of an emergency trip to the vet — only safe and satisfying fun!