gift for dog owners

The Best Personalized Gifts for Dog Owners

Man’s best friend usually gets treated pretty well around holiday seasons. Part of the family, most dog owners treat their best buddy with a little something extra at holidays. But, what can you get for a dog owner as a gift?  For starters, you can get them something for the dog himself. Most owners would […]

why do dogs like to be pet

Why Do Dogs Like to Be Pet and How to Do It Right

The feeling of love and eternal friendship with a dog has no price. Petting your dog is one of the main ways to show how important this creature is for you. What is more, this is a mutual process. However, dog petting is not about love only. Do dogs like being pet? How to do […]

emotional support dog

4 Things to Know Before Getting an Emotional Support Dog

So, you’re thinking of getting an emotional support dog. You’re making the right move as your furry friend will greatly help with whatever issue you’re battling. However, this also comes with a lot of responsibility. Not many people realize this – your dog needs a lot of care as well. We’ve run through 4 important […]

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop and How to Stop It

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop and How to Stop It

Well, if you are faced with this problem, then we have two news for you. As usual, one of them is good, and the second is bad. The good news is that eating feces as such generally does not harm the dog’s health. The bad news is that this behavior can have a variety of […]

How to Stop Dog From Barking

How to Stop Dog From Barking: The Definite Guide

Domestic dogs can also bark while communicating with each other, inviting them to play or warning to stay away. Barking does not necessarily convey the mood of the dog; its body language also matters. Why do dogs bark? Dog barking is not just the creation of noise, it is a way of communication between animals. […]