The Best Dog Raincoats – How to Find the Perfect Model for Your Pet (Brands, FAQs)

If you doubt whether your dog needs a pet raincoat, just try walking in the rain, and then your answer will be unequivocal. Yes, this is a joke, not a guide to action. Neither you nor your dog should walk in the rain without special clothes – this is fraught with a subsequent cold and a visit to the doctor. That is why it is worth considering what you will dress your dog in rainy weather in advance. There is a great choice of dog raincoat and boots, and other accessories, so we are going to simplify your task and share the best models in this guide. 

Top 5

So, let’s start our review with the five best waterproof dog raincoat models. The first two models are universal, the last three are created specifically for the size of the dog. Take a look and choose the most suitable solution.

Prompt! Toward the end of the article, we made an additional list of raincoat dogs that are suitable for winter weather as well.

Best Overall – Frisco Rainy Days Dog Raincoat

This is a simple and concise solution. This yellow dog raincoat allows you to cover the back and head of the dog from rain. Of course, the jacket material is waterproof, and it fastens on the dog with a strap under the belly. Designers specially chose a bright color so that the dog would not get lost in the fog, plus they added a reflective strip so that you can easily find the dog with a flashlight. This jacket comes in several sizes and is suitable for dogs of any breed. The price remains affordable even if you need a raincoat for a large dog.

Runner-up – Hurtta Rain Blocker Dog Raincoat 

This is a full-fledged doggy raincoat that completely protects the dog from rain. Its distinctive feature is that the jacket is also worn on the paws, that is, it is held more tightly on the dog’s body, and also protects the paws and chest from water. In addition, the model is designed for dogs of different sizes and can be delivered in two colors – classic black and light blue. As for the price, this model is significantly more expensive than other solutions on the market, however, improved protection against water can cost this money. The only drawback of the model is the lack of a hood.

Best Raincoat for Small Dogs  – Frisco Clear Vinyl

This is a simple and convenient solution for dogs of small breeds. Minimalist design, transparent waterproof material, plus a hood with a slit for a leash. In general, this is all the functionality necessary for a small dog raincoat. A very affordable price and a good rating are also included in the offer.

Best Raincoat for Medium Dogs – Canada Pooch Yellow Torrential Tracker

This is a stylish dog raincoat for medium-sized dogs. The jacket is made in yellow and decorated with stylish pockets. The creators also thought that a small-breed dog could quickly disappear from sight on rainy and foggy days, so they provided this clothing with a reflective strip. In addition, this model has a hood to protect the ears from water, and a small visor above the tail of the dog. Designers claim that in this vest your dog will feel warm, dry, and comfortable even in the pouring rain.

Best Raincoat for Large Dogs – Frisco Rubber Ducky Dog Raincoat

This model is more like a cape than a full-fledged raincoat for dogs. The cape is fastened with a belt on the abdomen, and due to this, it confidently holds on the back of the dog protecting it from water. This is a fairly stylish model with funny decor, but the functionality raises some doubts. Most likely, this large dog raincoat model is more suitable for walking if there is a chance of light rain since it is unlikely to be able to provide complete dryness and comfort.

Features to Consider When Buying Dog Raincoat

  • The size. Of course, a raincoat for a dog should ideally fit its physical parameters. As for the choice, you can find corgi raincoat models that are tailored either specifically for dogs of certain sizes or come in different sizes from smallest to largest. Whatever choice you make, pay attention to other functionalities as well.
  • The warmth of the lining. You can choose a light cape, which will be suitable for warm weather, or a full-fledged jacket with an additional lining to protect the dog from cold, wind and snow. The latter option makes more sense when the dog has already grown, and thus, a warm jacket will last you longer. As for light rain coverings, they are quite inexpensive, so most likely you will be able to update it every year, as the dog grows.
  • Convenience for dressing, washing, and drying. Most models are designed in such a way that it is very easy to put a jacket on a dog and not turn the start of a walk into a daily confrontation. Light rain coverings are usually fixed with a belt under the belly. Warm jackets may have zippers or Velcro under the belly or on the back of the dog. Light raincoats are also easy to wash and dry. Warm jackets from rain and snow require the same care as winter clothes for people.
  • Compactness. If you live in the region in choppy weather, you may need to quickly remove the raincoat from the dog after the sun appears in the sky. As a rule, light raincoats are removed in one motion and are easy to pack.
  • Price. As always, the price range is very wide. Everything will depend on the size and functionality. It is logical that a warm jacket for a large dog will cost much more than a light cape for a small breed.
  • Additional accessories. Very often, dog clothes also have additional details. For example, you can choose a dog raincoat with a hood or even dog raincoat with an umbrella. By the way, a dog in a raincoat with additional accessories looks very cute. 

Guide (Frequently Asked Questions)

So, before you make the final decision, let’s answer the main questions of the owners when it comes to choosing a raincoat for a dog.

Why use a dog raincoat?

Putting a raincoat on a dog is as natural as taking an umbrella with you if you see it raining outside. Walking in the rain without protective clothing, the dog gets wet, freezes, and runs the risk of catching a cold. In addition, there are dog breeds that are especially thermophilic, such as dachshunds. For them, a walk in the cold rain and in windy weather is stressful. And there is also a big risk. At a minimum, this is the risk of a cold, which can turn into a chronic one if you constantly push the dog outside in rainy weather without protective clothing.

Why do dogs not like to go out in the rain?

Tell us honestly, do you yourself like to walk in the rain? Most likely not, because wet clothes do not give too pleasant sensations. The same is true for dog hair. As soon as the dog gets wet, it starts to freeze, which means it does not feel any joy from the walk.

How to put a raincoat on a dog?

It is very simple. As we already said, most models have either a belt under the belly or a fastener under the belly or on the back. Also, some models are sewn so you need to pass the front paws into the sleeves. To make the dressing process as easy as possible, regardless of the type of fastener, your dog must get used to this innovation. Before walking, call your dog, say “Dress up”, and carefully put the jacket on the dog. After that, give it a treat and go for a walk. The dog may resist this action for the first time. However, as soon as it understands that dressing means a double bonus -treatment and walk, this will become a much simpler task.

How do I measure my dog for a raincoat?

All manufacturers give their own instructions on how to measure the dog in order to choose the right size. Basic measurements are the length of the dog from the withers to the tailbone, as well as the volume of the chest or the volume under the belly. In addition, some models of raincoats are also adjustable, which means they will be useful to you as the dog grows.

Is there a leash hole on a raincoat for a dog harness?

Yes, most raincoats with hoods are sewn so that you can attach the leash to the collar through a special hole. Of course, if you chose a model without a hood, then there is no need for this hole – just wear a collar and leash as usual.

Other Dog Raincoats

Pay attention to the following models if you are looking for puppy raincoat which will also protect your dog from snow and cold. It makes sense to choose such models if your dog has already reached its maximum height – then a versatile and warm jacket will easily serve you for several years.

Frisco Reversible Travel Dog Raincoat

This is a simple cloak for dogs of all sizes made in a cute pink color with white flowers. Designers position it as a thing that is always easy to take with you, remove and put on a dog, and easy to pack after the rain ends. As for the functionality, this is the standard raincoat for a dog with a belt, hood, and holes for a leash.

Frisco Whales Print Dog Raincoat

This model is very similar to the previous one. Perhaps the only significant difference in color and pattern. This is another universal model made of waterproof material, which is easy to put on, remove, wash, and dry after a walk in the rain.

Weatherbeeta Reflective Dog Parka

This doggy raincoat is perfect for walks in the cold fall or early spring. The thing is that the model is insulated with an additional layer of polyphil. Choose this solution if your dog has a short coat – this jacket will perfectly protect it from wind, cold, and rain. Moreover, you can put this jacket on a dog even if precipitation is not expected. This is an ideal protective option for cool weather, especially for places where the weather changes often enough.

DJANGO Puffer Dog Jacket 

This model is also suitable for windy, rainy, and cold weather. Made in bright red and insulated with warm lining, this jacket is ideal for active dogs who want to seek adventure in any weather. Moreover, designers say that this jacket is suitable even for winter to protect the back and belly of the dog from the snow. And by the way, this jacket is invertible – so you can tell everyone that you pamper your dog with new clothes every week. The vest is very easy and quick to put on and fasten with Velcro.

Gooby – Padded Vest, Dog Jacket Coat Sweater

This raincoat dog model is very similar to the previous one with the only difference – this jacket is fastened on the back of the dog with a zipper. Perhaps this is one of the best dog raincoats for small breeds. This model is suitable for small breeds, however, the size is selected based on the circumference of the chest so that the jacket does not interfere with free breathing. As for the properties, it is the ideal protection against rain, snow, cold, and wind. Plus, the jacket is easy to take off and easy to wash. However, thanks to a reliable fastener on the back, the dog will not be able to take off his jacket independently, even during a very active game. In addition, 12 different colors are provided for this model, so you will definitely have plenty to choose from.

RUFFWEAR – Overcoat, Abrasion-Resistant Insulated Jacket 

This is a lightweight jacket designed for warm weather. This dog raincoat is a universal solution for active dogs and the same active owners. The top layer of the cape is made of dense polyester for reliable protection from rain and wind. The clothing is easy to put on the dog with a belt under the belly. As for the price, it is slightly overpriced. However, this model comes in all sizes and in five different colors. And by the way, it has just excellent ratings and reviews on Amazon!

Elite Fashion Nylon Waterproof Fabric Hooded Dog Raincoat

As the name implies, this is a solution for fashionable dogs, that is, for those who must meet the image of the owner. This dog raincoat with hood is sewn in glamorous pink, equipped with a stylish pocket with a reflective stripe, and a breathable lining. The vest is worn on the dog and fastened under the belly with Velcro. This is both a fashionable and simple solution that will protect the dog from moisture but will not protect against cold weather.


As you can see, the assortment of clothes for dogs is no worse than the assortment of clothes for people. Many owners will enjoy buying clothes and accessories for dogs, so a raincoat and rain boots are not the limits. If you also like this process, start by buying one of the models listed in this guide, and of course, always adapt to your dog’s needs and characteristics.