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Best Dog Agility Tunnel

Best Dog Agility Tunnels for Future Champions

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If you want your pet to take part in agility competitions then you won’t ask a question why you need a dog tunnel. This item is usually included in the obstacle course. So, you need to learn your dog to overcome it successfully. Raising a future champion is impossible without thorough everyday training. And for this, you need professional equipment.

And even if you are not eager to take part in competitions, dog agility toys are still useful for your pet. They help to improve quickness and adroitness. Also, dog tunnels stimulate the development of intellectual abilities in pups. And finally, using a dog tunnel as a toy just helps to have fun both for pets and owners together.

Find out more about agility tunnels for dogs: how to use them, what are the best items on the market, what to take into account when choosing the product for convenient and productive training.

Top 5 Dog Agility Tunnels

Cool Runners Agility Lightweight Dog Training Tunnel

Еditor’s Choice

Universal model for beginners and performing dogs, which can be used in any conditions: indoors, outdoors, in a journey:

  • Optimal size. The universal solution both for outdoor and indoor training.
  • Lightweight. It is convenient to transport and set up the item as it is not heavy.
  • Durable material. This product will last for many years as it is made of special PVC resistant to water, rot, mildew. Also, it keeps its original color for a long time due to UV protected material.
  • A bag is sold together with the item. You don’t need to look through the dozens of agility tunnel bags in order to find the one fitting this very product. The specially designed for this model bag comes in a set.

HDP Collapsible Agility Dog Training Tunnel

A super reliable item for productive training in any conditions:

  • Strong material. Thick nylon will not tear because of the intensive training of your cuddly champion.
  • Resistant to harsh conditions of use. This dog agility tunnel is waterproof, so it is perfect for using outdoors in any weather.
  • Reliable attaching to the ground. Strong metal cringles help to firmly attach equipment to the surface.
  • Comfortable training. It is convenient for the dog to exercise since the material doesn’t slip under the paws and doesn’t electrify from the friction of the fur.
  • The case comes together with the item. Thanks to the convenient bag coming together with this pet tunnel, it is easy to transport it when you are traveling. So, you can take this agility tunnel with you to any place.

Trixie Agility Dog Training Sack Tunnel

Trixie Agility Dog Training Sack Tunnel

Who said that agility is only for tall dogs? Tiny pets can also become champions! But they need specialized small dog agility equipment. Here is the item perfect for miniature breeds training. Also, it can be used as a puppy tunnel. Some more advantages of this small dog agility equipment:

  • Appropriate both for indoor and outdoor use. As it is compact it can be conveniently used indoors. Also, it is easy to carry outdoors to any place you need.
  • Very steady. Equipment will not fall while intensive exercises because it is attached to the surface with the help of strong anchors.
  • Very portable. It can be quickly folded for easy and convenient transportation or compact storing at home when it is not used.
  • Perfectly fits miniature dogs and puppies. The size is specially made for tiny pets.
  • A useful bonus is included. If you and your fluffy friend are newbies in agility, a manufacturer cares about you! A guide for productive training comes together with this item.

Pacific Play Tents Institutional 9ft Tunnel

Pacific Play Tents Institutional 9ft Tunnel

The solid and convenient variant for any breed:

  • Doesn’t occupy much space while being not used. The construction can take a flat shape for compact storage.
  • Strengthened structure. The frame is made of durable yet lightweight steel.
  • Easy to take care of. The material is waterproof and doesn’t get dirty. To clean it, just wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • A great choice for medium-sized and large dogs. 22 inches in diameter is enough for almost any breed.

Juvale Pet Agility Play Tunnel Tube

Juvale Pet Agility Play Tunnel Tube

The reliable and beautiful item for puppies:

  • Motivates little dogs to exercise due to the attractive toys placed at the end. This is a great choice for puppies who are too young to train seriously and need just to play and have fun. Combine advantage with joy using these agility tunnels as toys.
  • Hardened construction. The frame is made of sturdy steel, and the fabric it is covered with is durable and tear-resistant.

Features to consider when buying dog agility tunnels


They should fit the size of the pet. Usually, a manufacturer specifies it in the description of the item for which breed the product is designed. Don’t forget to check this information and take it into account.

Easiness to set up

If you don’t want to spend hours preparing and get tired before the training starts choose the items that are easy to set up.


For the safety of the pet, the equipment must be securely anchored to the ground. Otherwise, during intense training, it may move or fall, which is unpleasant and dangerous.

Wear resistance

The fabric should be dense, resistant to tearing and abrasions. Only equipment made of strong, wear-resistant material will last for a long time in conditions of regular intense exercising.


For a dog not to slip and not to get injured, the material must be non-slip.


If you are going to carry equipment often from one place to another or you don’t have much space for storing bulky items at home, then choose foldable models.

Guide (Frequently Asked Questions)

When should a puppy start agility training?

Vets recommend starting preparations for professional competitions from 12 months. Very high physical activity before this age can harm, since the skeleton of the animal is not yet fully formed, and the risk of overload and injury is much higher.

But doing simple agility elements like tunneling at a non-professional level is allowed for younger puppies. Moreover, it is even useful as it contributes to the physical and mental development of the pup. So, feel free to use tunnels as toys for any age.

Just let your dog play tunnel, and you will see the positive results with your own eyes!

What equipment is used in dog agility except tunnels?

There is a wide range of elements of professional obstacle courses. And if you want your dog to win competitions you need to learn him to deal successfully with all of them. Here is the list of equipment used in agility:

  • Hurdle. This is a bar set at a certain height that the dog must jump over.
  • Wall. This is a high plank that an animal must climb over.
  • Spread jump. These are several jumps in a row.
  • Brush jump. This is a high plank for jumping over.
  • Long jump. These are several low jumps in a row. To overcome them, the dog doesn’t need to jump high, but the length of the jump must be long.
  • Tyre. This is a hanging circle with a hole through which the animal must jump.
  • Wishing well. This is a plank for jumping over in the form of a well.
  • Weave pole. This is a path of vertical sticks, set at a certain interval. The dog must run around them in a waveform way.
  • Seesaw. This is a construction that looks like a seesaw carousel for children. A dog must climb onto it and go down from the other side.
  • Pause table. This is a quite non-standard element of an obstacle course. This is a table on which a dog must jump on and stay there for some time. This shows the pet’s obedience and patience as it mustn’t go further until there is a command for pause finishing.

What types of agility tunnels do you carry?

Foldable items are very easy to carry as they don’t occupy much space.

How can training with agility tunnels help improve my dog’s performance?

Dog agility tunnels are one of the elements of the obstacle course used for competitions. So, if you want your pet to take part in them, you need to teach him how to deal with it.

But even if you are not eager to engage your dog in sports check out the assortment of dog tunnels and chutes. They can be used as enjoyable and useful toys!

Pet tunnels give fun serving as an interesting toy for curious pups. They give you an opportunity to spend time together with a pet in an enjoyable and useful way. Playing with such a toy, a dog learns to be more obedient and feel like one team with an owner.

Also, tunnels help to improve quickness, dexterity, and intelligence.

What are the best dog breeds for agility?

Competitions are held for all breeds. But, of course, there are those who are particularly good at this.

This sport requires special dexterity and speed. Therefore, thin and tall graceful breeds with long legs notably succeed in it. Their bodies are created for long and high jumps and fast running with sharp turns.

Leaders in talent for such competitions are:

  • Border Collie;
  • German Shepherd;
  • Sheltie;
  • Malinois;
  • Groenendael;
  • English Springer Spaniel;
  • Retriever.

For small dogs, agility is more difficult because of their anatomical peculiarities. They’ve got shorter legs that don’t let them jump high and long very easily. However, among the little breeds, there are hunting dogs that have very high sleight, despite the miniature size.

Best agility dogs of small size are:

  • Jack Russell Terrier;
  • Irish Terrier.

But still, there are competitions for all breeds, so even toy terriers can try their chances in this sport.

Other products you may like

Cheering Pet Agility Equipment Dog Training Set

If you are looking for cheap dog agility equipment, we recommend purchasing kits. This is less expensive than buying several items separately. Here is one of the best basic sets for effective training:

  • Includes everything that is needed for raising a future champion. The kit consists of 2 vertical and 8 slalom poles, string, a rope toy, a pause table, a hurdle, a whistle.
  • A universal solution both for beginners and experienced agility dogs.
  • Easy to set up. It will take you just a few minutes to create a full-value obstacle course for your pet’s preparation for competitions.
  • Convenient to transport as three bags come together with equipment. You can carry the whole obstacle course to any place you need.

PAWZ Road Collapsible Tunnel for Dogs

PAWZ Road Collapsible Tunnel for Dogs

S-shaped toy for curious little pets:

  • Perfect size for tiny dogs.
  • Convenient transportation and compact storage due to easy and fast folding.
  • Reliable steel frame.

Cool Runners Agility Ultralight Puppy Training Tunnel

A perfect choice if you move frequently or live far from the favorite place for training your pet. This item is very light, so it is extremely convenient to carry to any place.

The length is adjustable, so you can gradually increase the difficulty of the exercise for keeping your buddy fit and interested.

Trademark Innovations Dog Agility and Obedience Training Tunnel

Trademark Innovations Dog Agility and Obedience Training Tunnel

A classic model made of durable polyester. Quickly folds and unfolds, is securely anchored to the ground with the included steaks. Very light and folds to an extremely compact size. The bag for transporting comes together with the product.

Rise8 Studios Dog Agility Tunnel

An item made to last designed from super strong polyester of extra-high density. The length can be regulated for changing the difficulty of the exercise.