Chuckit Ball Launcher Review

Chuckit Ball Launcher

Chuckit Ball Launcher
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It’s hard to find a healthy and energetic dog that is indifferent towards the game of fetch. Dogs seem to be able to play fetch for hours without getting tired, but for the owners, the situation is very different. Even if you are in tip-top physical shape, constantly bending down to pick up the ball and throwing it to a long distance can take quite a toll on your well-being.

Chuckit offered a solid solution for this problem by introducing the Chuck It Ball Launcher, which is now one of the most popular dog ball throwers of all time. Here is a complete list of the pros and cons of this launcher toy.

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  • With the Chuck It ball thrower, the game of fetch is considerably faster paced, since it takes you far less time to pick up the ball and throw it.
  • With practice, you can reach the throwing distance of over 140 feet, which is more than what most people can do by hand.
  • After a long time of playing fetch, the ball becomes covered in dirt, saliva, and grass, so picking up the ball by hand is not ideal for sensitive owners. The Chuckit launcher ensures hands-free pickup, which means you’ll always stay clean during play.
  • The thrower doesn’t take much space and can be easily fit into the trunk or the backseat of your car.
  • The Chuckit balls are buoyant, so you can extend your fetch sessions to the nearest body of water.
  • The launcher comes with one ball that you can easily replace with a standard tennis ball.


  • The Chuckit ball launcher does make throwing the ball easier, but the overall distance of your throw still largely depends on your own physical abilities.
  • The length and bent shape of the thrower make it difficult to pack the device into your backpack or bag.
  • Since you won’t be able to control your throwing distance, the Chuckit launcher is not the best choice for indoor play.

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The Chuckit ball launcher is a perfectly functional and budget-friendly throwing device. Its popularity is well-deserved and it is guaranteed to give you and your pup endless amounts of fun.

Chuckit Ball Launcher