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Best Dog Nail Clippers

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Every dog person knows that taking care of the pet’s paws hygiene is rather significant for its overall health. Regular nail trimming provides a convenient state for moving, playing, running and long claws can become a reason for serious injury.

Thankfully pet shops are chock-full with professional tools, which everyone can use at home to look after the dog’s comfort by themselves. We have gathered 5 best dog nail clippers and some advice for a better trimming experience for the beginners.

Boshel Claws Cutters

Boshel Claws Cutters

These pet nail clippers are represented in two kinds. They differ from each other by size. The device is simple and safe to use in daily life. The smaller one can be used for puppies and cats, and bigger is for grown-up and large dogs. Besides, this toolkit is highly advised by vets, handlers, experienced pet salons and consumers’ reviews on Amazon. 


  • No troubles with cuts. In terms of perfect blades quality, your pet’s claws would be cut hurtless and without any efforts.
  • Unchallenging and modern look. The tool is created to make the whole process of trimming at home calm and safe. They are non-slip, provided with handles, covered with resin to ensure ease of use and prevent accidental cuts.
  • Double safety shield. This is a special option, which prevents cutting claws too short and injuring a pet.  


  • It requires more force to use it properly, which can be difficult for pet-owners with weak wrists.

Dudi Claws Cutters

Dudi Claws Cutters

In case you are searching for a perfect solution, tested by not only consumers but also professionals, this piece will suit you better than others. This dog nail trimmer was developed by vets with three decades of practical experience. Since then, they don’t even use other products because it is good enough for both big and tiny animals. 


  • Additional safety option. This security peculiarity is aimed to avoid the short cuts. 
  • Handy and modern design. The dog toenail clippers are provided with clenches, covered by rubber. Because of this peculiarity, they don’t slip out of a hand and ensure a safe nail trimming experience. Also, this tool is equipped with a strong conical spring for using less force.
  • Unlock protection prevents children from using it.
  • This staff is highly advised by the med team.


  • They are rather expensive among other products from this category.

CleanHouse Claws Cutters

CleanHouse Claws Cutters

Pet shops offer two various sizes of these professional dog nail clippers. According to such division, the tool suits quite well for little and big pets. The producers ensure buyers of the quality of their product and promise a moneyback for life in case it will break.


  • Claw cutters are suitable for all pet sizes. Although you have got a huge retriever or a little bunny, this claw cutter will manage its job perfectly.
  • Trouble-free and secure using. Edges are rather important features of the nail clipper. If they are sharp, the equipment will work longer. Another crucial thing, that needs proper attention is a safety guard. If they are built-in, so the trimmer is ready to use. 
  • Relevant guarantees. Every buyer can be sure, that purchases a really valuable parcel because if something goes wrong, you can always get a moneyback.


  • It requires more force for properly using, which might be inconvenient for pet-owners with weak wrists.

H&H Claws Cutters

H&H Claws Cutters

Responsible pet-owners won’t ever lose an opportunity to take care of other animals. Buying this toolkit for your canine or feline, you’re getting not only a high-quality product and a moneyback assurance but also donating 15% from the price to the American Animal Rescue Society. This is an organization, which takes care and pets the abandoned animals.


  • This toolkit is highly advised by vets, animal trainers, and experienced pet groomers.
  • Excellent quality. Ordering an effective tool, you are getting a moneyback assurance and four years warranty. The quality of each item is controlled, so the manufacturers are sure of their product. 
  • Helping to protect innocent animals. The manufactury cooperates with the American Animal Rescue Society and donates them 15% of the profits. 


  • These pet nail clippers are intended only for petite breeds, in other words, if you are the owner of a husky dog it will not suit you. 

Pet Republique Claws Cutters

Pet Republique Claws Cutters

This staff will suit you if you are the owner of a petite pet. But you will be grateful for buying it. Besides being responsible pet owners, you will donate 15% of the purchase to organizations, which look after and pet the abandoned animals. So, taking care of one dog, you are becoming a good man for a dozen others.


  • Excellent quality and unchallenging design. These clippers are made of a firm enduring material, so they won’t break or blunt on the next day of purchase.
  • 100% moneyback assurance. If the quality of the toolkit upsets you for any reason, the producers are ready to give a moneyback.
  • Buying this piece, you are helping other animals too. The manufacturer of this toolkit cooperates fully with organizations, helping animals and donates 15 percent of his profit on the abandoned animals’ welfare. 


  • These dog nail cutters are intended only for petite breeds, in other words, if you are the owner of a sheep-dog it will not suit you.

Features to Consider when Buying Dog Nail Clipper

Clipping a dog’s nails may seem like a daunting task both for the pup and the owner, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of pet nail clippers that are not only easy to use, but also safe and practical. Here are the features to look for when you are on a search for the best nail clippers for dogs.


Cutting off more than needed and causing your dog’s paw to bleed is one of the biggest fears for dog owners. When you don’t have enough experience in the challenging job of cutting the pup’s nails, this fear is more than justified.

One of the most effective ways to ensure that you cut off just the right amount every time is finding a pet nail clipper with a guard. The guard will tell you where to stop to prevent the pup from bleeding, and while you’ll still need to be careful, it’s a good way to reduce the risk of an accident.


Dog nail trimmers come in different sizes and it’s essential to find the dog nail clipper that fits your pup perfectly. When the pet nailclippers are too big for your dog’s delicate paws, you risk hurting your dog by cutting the nails too roughly.

On the other hand, using a pair of puppy nail clippers on a large dog will result in spending more time on the procedure, which can be stressful for everyone involved, and not getting the straight clean clip you were hoping for. Luckily, there are many small, medium, and large dog nail clippers for all kinds of pups.

Blade quality

Most nail clippers for dogs work perfectly immediately after your purchase them, but over time, they can become dull or even rusty. Clipping your dog’s nails with a dull dog nail trimmer is a recipe for disaster and won’t make the process comfortable and safe.

Look for pet nail clippers where the blades are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is less likely to get dull or develop rust even with intensive use and you will be able to use them for years without the fear of damaging your dog’s nails and hurting his paws.

Types of nail clippers

One of the most important choices you’ll need to make when picking the best nail clipper for dogs is the type of clipper you want. Right now, you can choose from the following three types of dog toenail clippers:

  • Scissor clippers

This is possibly the most popular variety of dog nail clippers simply because it is very easy to use scissor clippers even with little experience. However, the downside of scissor nail clippers is that you need to apply quite a lot of force to trim the nails of a large dog, which may not be very comfortable for some owners. The blades of scissor dog nail clippers need to be sharpened from time to time.

  • Guillotine clippers

A pair of guillotine clippers consists of two sharp blades that are operated by a spring. This variety of clippers is also easy to use and fits not only dogs, but also cats and some other pets. However, guillotine clippers may not be the best choice for owners whose dogs act nervously during the clipping procedure, since it’s hard to be precise in this situation.

  • Nail grinders

An electric nail trimmer for dogs, also known as a grinder, shaves off your dog’s nails one by one. This type of nail clippers for dogs is best suited to the needs of owners who want to make sure they don’t cut off more than necessary and dogs who are not easily scared by the noise and vibration a nail grinder produces.

Tips on Trimming Dog’s Nails

Even professional pet groomers can often be intimidated by the process of nail clipping, not to mention inexperienced owners and their dogs. However, there is no going around the need to keep your pup’s nails trimmed, so you’ll eventually need to do it. Here are some tips on making the nail clipping procedure safe and easy for everyone involved:

  • Get comfortable

A nail trimming session will only be successful when it’s comfortable both for the owner and the dog. Find a position that works for both of you and where you have easy access to the pup’s nails while your dog can see your face and hear your voice.

  • Positive associations

Even the best dog nail trimmer can cause fear and stress in dogs, but you need to make the nail clipping procedure a standard part of your and your pup’s life. The key to achieving it is introducing some positive associations, with the easiest one is giving your dog treats after each successful trim.

  • Reassurance

For the first few times you’re clipping your dog’s nails, the pup will likely be scared. You need to become a safe harbor for your pet. Use your mildest voice and offer encouragement after you cut each nail to stop your dog from getting too scared.

  • Technique

Using the best dog nail clippers is easy and safe, but you still need to develop your own trimming technique. Hold your dog’s paw with one hand and separate the toes by pressing above the centre of the paw. Then clip one nail after another, cutting off small pieces of the nail and assessing your work as you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long a dog’s nails should be?

The easiest way to tell if your dog’s nails are too long is to look at them while the dog is standing up. Nails that are just the perfect size won’t touch the ground in any standing position. Another way to spot long nails is to listen to your dog walk on a hard surface: if you hear a clacking sound, it means it’s time for a trim.

How to pick up the right size of pet nail clippers?

Many home and professional dog nail clippers state the size and compatible dog sizes on the package, so it’s easy to make the right choice. You can also visually compare the size of the blades to your dog’s nails: when there is too much of a difference, it’s very easy to spot.

How often you should trim your dog’s nails?

The answer to this question depends on the way your dog spends his days. If you often take your pup for walks outside, there is no need to clip the nails too often as their length will be regulated by the dog’s walking. On average, you need to clip your dog’s nails once a month or once they become too long.

Can long nails hurt a dog?

Yes, when the dog’s nails are too long, it’s definitely not a comfortable sensation. They bring pain to the dog’s paws. Moreover, overgrown nails can split, break, or even accidentally and painfully be removed from the paw. Deformed nails and infected paws are two other common consequences of nails that are too long.

Are human nail clippers suitable for dog’s nails?

Human nail clippers are not designed for dog’s nails, but in some cases, they can be used on dogs. However, you can only use human nail clippers on puppies and very small dogs, but never on medium and large breeds, whose nails are too long and hard for human clippers.

Are guillotine nail clippers better?

Guillotine nail clippers are not superior to a scissor pet nail trimmer in any way, so it’s only the question of preference and comfort of the dog and the owner. Generally, guillotine clippers are recommended for use on small and medium dogs, while scissor clippers often feel more comfortable on large dogs.