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Best Elevated Dog Bowl Stands

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Every pet is unique. The food it eats, a type of kibble, water quantity differ depending on a breed, size of an animal and its anatomic peculiarities. The same factors play a big role when selecting a type of a dog feeding plate and a way to cater your canine friend.

There are many offers on the market, which make the choice of a elevated dog bowl stand difficult. Deep or shallow, being placed on the ground or raised, a single or multiple bowls stand, made of different materials, a bowl should be convenient, reliable, safe and meet physical conditions of a pooch.

The best species of this product and their remarkable features are reviewed in the article below.

Top 5 Raised Dog Bowls

Internet’s Best Modern Elevated Bowls

Еditor’s Choice

We’ve highly evaluated Modern Elevated Bowls from Internet’s Best. This is our best overall choice among raised dog bowl stands and a perfect device to make your pup’s mealtime comfortable and your pet parenting easier. The unit is recommended due to its high utility, ease of use and iits stylish exterior, which will supplement any lodging.

Internet’s Best dog bowl stand houses two plates for kibble and/ or water. Its wooden base is protected with simple white finish. Stainless steel bowls are removable and dish washable.

A unit is offered in two options: a two-cup 4’’ high and a two-cup 5.5’’ high to fit precisely your canine friend size. The dog bowl stand is supplied completely assembled and ready for use.

Frisco Elevated Dog Bowls


Frisco  Elevated Dog Bowls

We value Frisco Marble Design Stainless Steel Double Elevated Dog Bowl as a runner-up in our top-5 list of dog bowls due to its high quality.

The unit is very helpful for pets, especially those who suffer joints or neck issues, relieving painful bends during taking their meals.

Unique marble design of the elevated dog bowl stand supplemented with two bright metal removable bowls are attractive and may decorate any kitchen.

24 oz. plates are easily cleaned or washed in a dishwashing machine. The height of the stand is 5.5’’. The raised dog bowl holder is subject to hand wash.

PETMAKER Elevated Pet Bowls

Budget pick

Elevated Pet Bowls with Non Slip Stand Collection from PETMAKER is our best budget pick. You will surely adore this elevated dog bowl due to its versatile use while maintaining affordable price.

Its main feature is 5.5’’ height to help your pup consume its food easily in case of some health concerns. It also keeps the food neatly on the bowls preventing it from scattering around during dog feeding.

The design of the elevated dog bowl stand allows several ways of usage, as the plates are removable. Its detachable legs offer one more option for the elevated dog bowl stand usage. They may be easily disassembled. Thus, the height of the stand is changed to the simple lower position while two bowls are reliably positioned in the holder preventing splitting its content.

This variant of usage, combined with silicon collapsible design of bowls and anti-sliding legs covers, is portable and perfect for exploitation in any place or in travels.

Pawfect Pets Tall Raised Dog Bowls

Best Adjustable Elevated Dog Bowls

This unit from Pawfect Pets offers a perfect comfort while eating or drinking for tall and large dogs, especially for aging ones and those who suffer health problems.

Its main advantage is the option of height adjusting with three variants of height: 12″, 14″ and 16″. Besides, the stand is supplied with 4 bowls of stainless steel (3 – 48 oz., 1 – 32 oz.) easy to clean.

A silicone lining provides the firm positioning of a plate on the dog bowl stand avoiding spills and mess on the floor. A sturdy construction of a bowl holder ensures additional cleanliness of the area during pup feeding.

PetFusion Elevated Dog Bowls

Best Elevated Dog Bowls

For those pet parents who owe a multiple four-legged family the offer from PetFusion will be the best decision. It solves problems of feeding several pets at a time, keeping a neat feeding area and providing a stylish accessory for a modern kitchen.

A unit is made of semi transparent acrylic. Strong magnets are embedded into the dog bowl stand providing several variants of bowl attachments. Stainless steel is used for plate material ensuring effortless cleaning.

The product is offered in several options. You may use one, which suits your and your dog needs. Buy a single raised dog bowl (8’’ height) supplied with 24 oz. plate or 13 oz. bowl. The bowls with the same capacity may be supplied with a short holder (4’’ height).

The unit may be easily assembled and disassembled. This flexible design ensures any mixed or separate variant of exploitation according to the needs of your lovable pooches.

Features to consider when buying an elevated dog bowl stand

Being intricately constructed, a feeding dog bowl holder may become an attractive element of your apartment interior design. However, the first thing to consider when buying a dog bowl stand is your pup’s individual needs and safety.

Feeding is the most important thing in your dog’s upbringing, which requires attention, training and even your vet’s advice to maintain your little friends’ health. Consider the following features of the elevated dog bowl holders to choose the most suitable one among the products offered.


Elevated dog bowl stands are made of different materials. The most popular of them are plastic, metal, stainless steel and wood. Prior to the purchase, consider the most suitable for you taking into account your dog’s feeding behavior, the place where it will be used (inside or outside of the house), and easiness of its maintenance.

  • Plastic is the cheapest material, which is easy to clean and may be supplied in various colors. However, it is prone to scratches collecting grim and harmful bacteria. In addition, chemical elements, it is made of, may cause allergic reactions.
  • Wood is another popular material for dog bowl stands. It is hypoallergenic, safe and usually has an attractive design. However, it may be hardy recommended to exploit outdoors and has limited variants of exterior.
  • Stainless steel is a reliable material for a dog bowl holder as it withstands feeding the biggest and the most unruly breeds of canines. Besides, when properly maintained, it is safe, easy to clean and sturdy.

Dog’s anatomy, breed and age

Another factor for elevated dog bowl stand selection, is your pup’s individuality: her breed, age, health condition, temperament.

  • Depending on the pet’s age (a puppy or a mature dog), select a low or raised dog bowl stand with shallow or deep plates. Tiny or small feeders are also recommended for young canines to control feeding portions.
  • Some breeds with flat snouts (pugs, bulldogs) conveniently consume their kibble from shallow dishes. For these whose snouts are long (collies) conus form of feeder on the raised dog bowl stand is offered.
  • Pups with floppy ears often suffer from swallowing their fur and following digestion problems due to this fact. For this case, elevated dog bowls for large dogs with long hair and anatomy peculiarities have been designed.
  • Aging pooches and those ones having joint, neck or backbone health concerns, are recommended to have their meals on raised dog bowl stands to reduce organs pains and tension.


An elevated dog bowl stand may be used for special purposes and may be applied in various cases.

  • Travel. The items, intended for travel purposes are easy to fold, lightweight and made of sturdy but flexible materials. Usually these are silicon or plastic lined up with the anti sliding material, polyester or nylon and are collapsible by design.
  • Training. Frequently, dogs eat quickly, swallowing morsels without chewing. It makes a lot of mess, however, the bigger danger lies in damaging pup’s health. This habit may lead to choking or dog’s bloat. Some dog bowl stands are supplied with special leads or other obstructions to slow down the pup’s eating tempo.
  • Multiple purposes. These dog bowl holders are constructed to support two or more plates, may be used for feeding and drinking, may include a water filter or designed as adjustable elevated dog bowls for different ages or breeds.

Guide (Frequently Asked Questions)

How high should a raised dog bowl stand be?

Elevated dog bowls are a great choice to satisfy dog’s individual needs. Apply the following rule to make an easy selection.

Make sure the bowl is situated directly opposing a dog’s chest. Thus, a pup should not bend his head down or raise it, avoiding neck pain, joints loading, indigestion troubles.

Provide thorough measurement of your pup’s height.

  • 4’’-6’’ dog bowl stands suit small pooches (with the height of 8’’-11’’).
  • 7’’-14’’ holders are used for medium breeds (13’’-16’’ dogs).
  • 15’’- 20’’-high elevated bowl stands are offered for large breeds with the height exceeding 19’’.

What are the pros and cons of elevated dog bowls?

Taking decisions on purchasing an elevated dog bowl with a holder should be preceded by evaluating the pros and cons for your pooch’s safety and your convenience.

Benefits of raised dog bowls:

  1. If you are parenting a dog with muscles, joints, limbs disabilities, or your dog is in her mature ages, a dog bowl holder with adjusting height will be perfect. It will be helpful to relieve strain on joints or a neck to reach for the food making kibble consumption easier for a pooch.
  2. The food being placed on an elevated dog bowl stand is closer to a pet’s mouth. It allows a dog swallowing every single morsel, thus avoiding food being scattered around.
  3. Some types of elevated bowl stands help to maintain plates with kibble and water firmly on their place. Thus, playful and disobeying dogs will be more disciplined and eat the portion entirely. If units are lightweight and portable, they provide easy feeding during hiking, travels.

Drawbacks of dog bowl stands lie in pooch’s health danger.

Avoid using elevated dog bowl holders in case there are any health concerns with GI tract or stomach. In case a dog suffers these ailments, there is a high possibility of bloat. Giant and big dog breeds are the most susceptible to this disease.

Can raised dog bowls cause bloat?

As the researches show, raised dog bowls may be dangerous and cause a dangerous medical condition called bloat, or gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV). This means that a dog’s stomach may be twisted on the entry and exit of the intestines, causing digestion, breathing and blood circulation problems.

Bigger breeds are prone to bloat. The natural position of taking food for pups is with their head down. In case the meals are placed on their breast level, a pooch swallows the food quicker with bigger air intake. Abundance of gases in the stomach start provoking bloat.

Are raised dog bowls recommended by vets?

There are cases when the usage of a raised dog bowl is recommended for a bigger breed dog by a vet. This happens in the case of pooch’s health disabilities (muscles problems or arthritis).

Try to watch out for a dog for at least one hour after each catering. This condition is developing extremely quickly and immediate measures should be taken to prevent a fatal outcome.

Other elevated dog bowl stands

PetRageous Designs Set The Table Bowl

PetRageous Designs Set The Table Bowl

PetRageous Designs offers a raised metal dog bowl holder, which fully ensures your strict demands in safety, comfort and durability of the pet product. It is a great help for aged dogs or pooches with health concerns, such as neck, shoulders or joints pains.

The stand is made in three variants (13’’, 17’’ and 20’’ height) and may house food and water bowls of multiple sizes, which are not included in the set.

The material of the product is sturdy metal coated with the dark powder finish. Rubber feet add functionality and firmness to the construction preventing dishes from the moving along the feeding area.

Frisco Stainless Steel Bowl

Stainless Steel Bowl from Frisco is a simple decision for neat and tidy pet feeding. Even if your pooch suffers any limbs or joints diseases, he may take his meals or drinks without pain thanks to this marvelous single raised dog bowl.

Being produced of melamine, the BTA-safe material, it houses a 24-oz. steel plate. Both elements of the set are easily cleaned with detergent. A bowl is dish washable, however it is not subject to the microwave.

IRIS Large Plastic Elevated Feeder

IRIS Large Plastic Elevated Feeder

IRIS USA, Inc. offers an excellent adjustable dog bowl for your four-legged friend making his feeding safe and preventing a mess in your kitchen.

The stand is made of a durable and safe plastic, fitting reliably two steel bowls for drinks and kibble. A dog bowl holder is equipped with detachable legs and may be used for smaller animals. The rim around the stand prevents morsels scattering around.

The height of the product in the upper position reaches 12.25 inches fitting a pooch’s breast.


JanYoo Ceramic Feeding Stand Outdoor Non-Skid

The use of this JanYoo Ceramic bowls stand is beneficial for small pets and pups who need special feeding conditions in an elevated position (2.8’’ height). It reliably fixes two 10 oz. plates preventing their moving along the kitchen.

The sturdy and easy to clean construction allows its outdoors exploitation. Ceramic bowls are nice, safe, have no smell. They are freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

PETMAKER Elevated Pet Feeding Tray

PETMAKER Elevated Pet Feeding Tray

An excellent quality of PETMAKER is enhanced in the Elevated Pet Feeding Tray. Offering safe fixation for two food and drink bowls, which may be purchased additionally, this reliable product is comfortable for pets’ feeding.

It ensures 8.5 inch elevation for the pups with special demands. The legs of the stand are protected against skidding. The product may be used in a flat position. Just remove the bottom holder.

The tray is supplied with special lips to fix bowls with meals and splash guards to avoid kibble scattered on the floor.

Pawfect Pets Premium 7″ Elevated Pet Feeder

Pawfect Pets brand offers premium products making your lovable friend happy and healthy. Try this sturdy 7″ Elevated Feeder for any middle-sized pet.

It reduces pains of a pooch with any health concern making feeding posture more natural due to a raised dog bowl stand. Its reliable leak-proof construction ensures a firm position of the plates and cleanliness of your floors.

The stand is made of bamboo, is water-resistant and lasts a lifetime. A set is offered with 4 bright metal bowls (6 and 4 cups capacity). Thus, clean and hygienic feeding is provided any time.

SPOT Hi-rise Single Elevated Dog Bowl

SPOT Hi-rise Single Elevated Dog Bowl

SPOT Ethical Products is famous for its pets and dogs products of a great quality. This Hi-rise Single Elevated Dog Feeder is not an exception.

It features both an excellent modern style for your lodging, great portability and a perfect tool to make your canine friend catering easier, safer and healthier. A middle, large and extra-large dog may take her meals confidently, being fixed in an upper position (15’’) ensuring a proper posture for good digestion, and comfort for dogs with health disabilities.

A product is extremely stylish. Its simple construction of sturdy dark wires holding reliably a nice stainless steel bowl will fit any elegant kitchen. A plate is detachable and may be used separately from the stand.

The dog bowl holder itself is portable and may be easily assembled and disassembled without any tools. You may move it along your apartment, outdoors or travel with it.

VIVIKO Pet Feeder with Iron Stand

Fine workmanship and sleek design is the peculiarity of the elevated dog bowl stand from VIVIKO. It ensures easy and comfortable food and drink consumption for dogs, especially aged pups or those who have problems with a neck, backbone or limbs.

Two versions of the product provide 5.91’’ and 3.54’’ height of the stands supplied with bowls of two sizes. A metal stand is sturdy and stylish. Sickening stainless steel bowls boast of bright mirror light and slippery safe edges, which make a plate extremely hygienic and easy to clean.

Pawfect Pets Tall Elevated Dog Feeder

Pawfect Pets Tall Elevated Dog Feeder

This item from the series of raised dog bowl holders from Pawfect Pets is intended for large dogs. Its 12’’ height promotes healthy and painless pets feeding, especially for older ones, suffering from arthritis, susceptible to bloat.

Offer your beloved four-legged friend his meals on Pawfect Pets raised dog bowl stand and be sure in his good digestion as well as in your expensive floors safely.

There is no need to clean the feeding area each time after the dog’s mealtime. The reliable construction of the stand enhanced with silicon rings keeps the bowls safely at place, and doesn’t allow a heavy stand to move itself.

4 plates provided in a set help to maintain strict hygienic conditions each time when needed.

HTB Elevated Dog Bowls

To avoid or reduce pain for a pooch with arthritic or age-related diseases when eating or drinking, HTB has designated Raised Dog Feeder with 2 Stainless Steel Bowls.

The material of the stand is water resistant bamboo wood, which is sanitary, easy to clean and attractive in design. It prevents nudging plates in the kitchen, thus its contents stays at its place without scattering over the feeding area.

2 bowls supplied as a set are dish washable, made of safe stainless steel. The proposition of dog bowl products varies for different breeds and sizes: 4’’, 7’’ and 9.8’’ height with multiple bowls capacity.