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Best Pet Collar Cameras: Get Closer to the Life of your Dog

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Do you want to know how your pet is doing while you are away? Or just add to your family archive the photos and videos of the world through your pet’s eyes?  Or maybe you are a pet blogger or vlogger who is eager to share all the details of the dog’s life in the first person? Then you need a pet collar camera!

It can be used either for safety and control purposes or just for fun. No matter what you need a dog collar camera for, you surely want to pick the best value for money. And we will help you to choose the best solution!

Top 5 Pet Collar Cameras

GoPro HERO8 Black – Waterproof Action Camera

Еditor’s Choice

GoPro HERO8 Black - Waterproof Action Camera

We start our top with the best pet camera for a collar. It has everything to be the perfect solution for everyone, no matter who you are: either just a caring dog or cat owner or a pet blogger. Here are some of this product’s abilities:

  • High resolution. Get the photos of 12MP which is enough for all social media or high-quality printing. Also, this collar camera will provide you with the videos of your pet’s life of an ultimate quality of 4K.
  • Live streaming. This is a wonderful opportunity to share the details of your pet’s life on social media. The quality of video while using the live streaming feature is 1080p.
  • Water-resistance. A unique opportunity to get high-quality pictures and videos despite the rainy weather.
  • HIgh-quality stabilization. Get extra smooth videos while your pet is playing actively with three levels of stabilization.
  • Night mode. If you are the owner of a cat you know that your pet is more active in the dark. So, lift the veil of your favorite’s nightlife with high-quality filming despite the lack of light.

Uncle Milton Pet’s Eye View Camera

Though this pet camera for a collar is not so multifunctional as the previous one, it is still a wonderful solution due to other advantages:

  • Self-timer. Since this collar camera doesn’t work continuously, the battery will last longer. Just customize how often the device should take a picture. The available variants are every minute, once in 5 or 15 minutes. Thus, you will get a detailed photo report of your fellow’s daily routine.
  • Internal memory. This is a great plus as you don’t need to buy an external SD card. The internal memory can store up to 40 photos. So, if you set taking pictures every 15 minutes, it will be enough for 10 hours!
  • Resolution enough for quality print. It is not as high as GoPros can offer you, but still, there are 640×480 pixels, which is enough for convenient viewing of the shots on the screen, uploading to Instagram, or printing in the size of 4×6 inches.
  • Compatibility with any OS. You can transfer photos to your PC or laptop with either Windows or Mac.

Puhui Digital Collar Camera For Dog

If you are looking for an easy to use and budgetary variant, this device is exactly what you need because it:

  • Has a convenient mount. It is very easy to attach this dog camera to the collar. You can do it in a second. There is a convenient clip for this.
  • Is lightweight. The device weighs only 0,35 ounces. So, it won’t be heavy for your pet to wear.
  • Is the best budget solution. This is one of the cheapest options on the market.

Victure AC940 Action Waterproof Camera

Victure AC940 Action Waterproof Camera

This is the device for getting high-quality images for long years despite the tough and active usage. This is what characteristics do this item a perfect choice for caring pet owners and avid bloggers or vloggers:

  • Hardwearness. The body of the device is made of strong, but lightweight metal which makes a camera not afraid of blows or falls.
  • Water-resistance. There will be nothing bad to a device if a pet jumps into the water or plays under the rain.
  • Extremely high resolution. Get the pictures of the amazing quality of 20MP and extra-fine videos of 4K/60fps maximum. If you want to save memory you can choose a lower resolution.
  • Amazing stabilization. Get a super-smooth image despite your pet’s high activity.
  • Long autonomous functioning. Two batteries of 1350 mAh capacity let a device film two hours of video of the highest quality (4K/60fps) uninterruptedly.
  • Extra-wide angle. See everything around your pet with a fisheye lens.

Campark 4K 20MP Action Camera

Campark 4K 20MP Action Camera

This professional camera is a great choice because of the following features:

  • Extremely high resolution. The maximum quality is 20MP for photos and 4K for videos. Get professional images to take your pet’s social media accounts to a higher level.
  • Advanced stabilization. Extra smooth videos of every active game of your fluffy fellow.
  • Water-resistance. The waterproof case comes together with the gadget.
  • WiFi. In this cat and dog collar camera, WiFi is quick and stable (2.5G). So, it will be convenient to control the device remotely or upload the images to social media immediately.
  • Super-wide angle. Wonderful visibility thanks to the 170° lens.

Features to consider when buying pet collar cameras

To pick the best option among a wide range of collar cameras, pay attention to such criteria:

  • Resolution. Of course, you don’t want to get the photos you can hardly see the objects on. In order to be able to share the pictures on the Web or print them in good quality, there should be as high resolution as possible. The minimum is 640×480: this is enough for Instagram and printing in the size of 4×6 inches.
  • Stabilization of video. Dogs and cats are very active: they run, jump, etc. And this shouldn’t spoil the quality of the image. So, dog and cat collar cameras should have powerful stabilization systems, or else you will get a complete mess instead of a good video. GoPro action cameras are leaders by this parameter. So, give preference to them if you want to get high-quality materials from the cat or dog collar video camera.
  • Wear-resistance. Your pet will not care about the safety of a gadget while living his daily active life. So, it’s better to choose the item designed from a strong material (e.g. metal). It is desirable also that the product is water-resistant and shockproof.
  • Size and weight. If your pet is small don’t choose big and heavy items as they will bring discomfort to an animal. A cat or dog collar with camera should let the pet live his normal life without any limitations and inconveniences.
  • Duration of autonomous work. Looking at this parameter, consider the period of time you are going to be away. The collar camera should be able to work without recharging for all this time.
  • Automatic switching on. If you are away for the majority of the day, no collar camera is able to film the high-quality video throughout all this time. There are limitations in the battery life. Usually, it takes a few hours until it needs to be recharged. And you will not know what was happening to your pet after the battery had discharged. But some products have a solution to this problem. Some collar cameras are compatible with power banks. Other devices are not active for the whole time. They only automatically switch on at the time you’ve set or as a reaction to motion. So, the battery’s resource is not wasted while your cat or dog is just sleeping or lying on the sofa.
  • Night mode. This is a very important parameter for a cat collar camera. These pets are most likely to lie lazily for the majority of the day. But it is a secret for the owners what they do at night. High-quality videos or pictures taken in the night mode will give you the answer to what your pet is doing while you are sleeping.

Guide (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are dog cameras worth it?

They definitely are! Just imagine. You leave your pet alone going for work. What is your tailed fellow doing during all this time? This won’t be a question for you as you can watch your cat or dog collar video or photos.

Another situation when this item is irreplaceable is when you let your fluffy fellow go out of the home to the yard. It may seem that there are no dangers in your own yard, but everything can happen. To be absolutely calm about your pet, look after him with the help of a collar camera with distant control. So that you can come to help at any time your buddy needs it.

Also, you can communicate with your dog or give commands to her if the item has the feature of voice transmitting.

One more pleasant advantage of using a pet collar cam is that you can add many interesting or funny moments from the life of your cuddly pal to the family photo and video archive. Don’t think that your dog or cat is lying bored all day waiting for you. Something interesting is definitely going on with him. And you don’t even know about it. Learn more about your pet’s life while you are away with the help of a collar camera.

And, finally, a collar camera is a must-have for pet bloggers. Share the details of your pet’s life in the first person and immediately win the love of your audience.

Should I talk to my dog through a camera?

If there is a feature that allows you to do this it is great! With the help of talking to your dog through a collar camera, you can give commands to him despite being at a distance. Also, it will help you not to interrupt communication with a pet while you are not around. So, your cuddly fellow will not suffer from loneliness.

Do pet cameras help with separation anxiety?

If the item allows you to talk to your pet through it, don’t miss such an opportunity. This can reduce anxiety provoked by loneliness as the pet will hear the familiar and soothing voice of his owner.

Other products you may like

DOGTEK Eyenimal Camera with Built-In Night Vision

DOGTEK Eyenimal Camera with Built-In Night Vision

One more convenient and multifunctional cat and dog collar cam offers you:

  • Automatic switching on. There is the mode that makes a camera start recording only when it identifies movement.
  • Night mode. Allows getting high-quality images that let differentiate all objects in the dark.
  • High capacity of the battery. It is enough for 2,5 hours of filming. But note that it doesn’t work uninterruptedly. You can set up the mode in which the device will switch on only after identifying movement. So, under this condition, a battery can last even for the whole day.
  • Built-in memory. It’s not compulsory to buy a memory stick at once as 4Gb is built-in.
  • Economical use of memory. The 736×480 resolution makes the video compact so that it doesn’t occupy a lot of memory.
  • Accurate autofocus. Get only clear images without blurring even in low light or fast movement conditions.
  • WiFi makes it easy to upload media from a camera to other devices quickly and easily.
  • Lightweight. It is only 9 grams, so your cat or dog will not even feel this cam on their collar.

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness for All GoPro Cameras

No dog and cat camera for a collar can offer such resolution of image and video stabilization as GoPro does. But to attach it to your pet you need a special mount that doesn’t go together with the device. So, you need to buy it separately. If you are choosing the one, pay attention to this variant that combines:

  • Two types of mount. You can attach it either to the back or to the chest of your pet.
  • Universality. It is easy to adjust the size for comfortable and reliable mounting of the camera regardless of the pet’s dimensions.
  • Waterproofness. The material doesn’t lose its properties after getting wet.
  • Compatibility with all GoPros. No matter what model of camera you’ve got. This mount fits all of them.

Facamword Wireless Hidden Security Camera

Facamword Wireless Hidden Security Camera

A universal variant for those who want to know what their pet is doing while the owner is away:

  • Compact. The size of this dog and kitty camera allows you to attach it to the collar or hide stealthily at home.
  • Detects motion. There is a mode of automatic switching on when there is a movement around.
  • Has a powerful night mode. The lack of light won’t prevent you from getting a high-quality image. Night mode switches on automatically when it gets dark and turns off when the light appears.
  • Works autonomously for a long time. The device is compatible with a power bank to extend the time of autonomous camera functioning.

Mojosketch Dog Harness Mount Chest for GoPro Cameras

This is one more mount for using a GoPro by your pet which has:

  • Mounting of two types. Get the pictures from different foreshortening by attaching the device either to the back or to the chest of your pet.
  • One size for any breed or age. Just regulate the size of the mount in a few seconds.
  • Compatibility with all models of GoPro. Use it regardless of your GoPro generation.

AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Waterproof Camera

AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Waterproof Camera

This is a great value for money. Despite the low price, it has the rich functional:

  • Long autonomous work. Two accumulators of 1050mAh let the device record up to 3 hours of video uninterruptedly without the need to be recharged.
  • Convenient distant control. 2.4G WiFi and specialized smartphone app let you control the device on a distance of up to 32 feet.
  • High quality of filming. Maximum resolutions are 12MP for photographs and 4K 30fps for videos.