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Best Dry Dog Food

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Pet parents are eager to see their canine friends vigorous and jolly. Walks, exercises and regular vet’s examinations are important by this as well as appropriate feeding.

Pooch’s good appetite depends upon food components quality, their palatability and correspondence to dog’s needs.

However, pups’ owners have their own preferences and practices of dog’s feeding according to their way of life.

We have examined a number of dry food for adult dogs. Find below our assessment of the most popular dog meals and some dry dog food reviews.

Top 5 Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken & Brown Rice

Best overall

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken & Brown Rice

This premium-quality dish for grown-up dogs made of the best ingredients is our top rated dry dog food.

Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food with chicken and brown rice is a perfect dish, full of nutritional and wholesome elements (proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, Omega-3 and Omega-6). Pure meat is used as the first ingredient and fresh grains and vegetables as supplements.

The dish is proposed with the variety of tastes, including fish and lamb.

A wide choice of bag packing is offered. One may select the most suitable and worth its money option (6, 15 and 30 lb. bags).

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free, Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken


Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free, Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken

Our runner-up for adult dog dry food is Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free, Adult Dry Dog Food.

Pure chicken meat is the main element to satisfy complete demand in protein. This product is recommended in case any gluten allergies are noticed. Grains, which may provoke them, are excluded from the recipe.

Instead, fruits and vegetables, sweet potatoes, peas, satisfy the need in carbohydrates. Unique pieces of the kibble produced by a special formula ensure gums health.

Other variants, which may be offered, are salmon and duck tastes.

One may choose between convenient 4.5, 11 and 24-pound weight bags.

Amazon Brand Wag Dry Dog Food, Beef and Lentil

Best affordable

This is our choice for the best affordable canine food. We recommend it due to the best price and natural components.

It comprises 100% organic meat (beef). It is the main ingredient ensuring up to 36% of its protein value. Other elements are grain free plant products (pea, lentil), fish and flex oils, providing carbohydrates, vitamins, DHA.

The number of the tastes offered is great (salmon, chicken, turkey, lamb).

The packing varieties are 15, 30, 5 lb. bags. Opt for 5 lb. trialed seize variant to test the dish before buying food in bulks to save the money.

Blue Buffalo Small Breed Food, Chicken and Brown Rice

Best dry dog food for small dogs

Blue Buffalo Small Breed Food, Chicken and Brown Rice

Small breed adult pooches demand a special feeding plan and dishes due to specific demands in proteins and carbohydrates. We recommend Blue Buffalo Small Breed Food, Chicken and Brown Rice as the best variant, winning top-positions in many dry dog food ratings.

A reliable manufacturer offers real chicken and no meat by-products to ensure increased demands in energy for a small breed canine friend. Every kibble bite possesses a set of necessary elements, minerals, antioxidants, supported by brown rice and garden products (tomatoes, potatoes, peas).

The offer includes other main ingredients (fish, lamb) for smaller breeds.

Food may be packed in 6 and 15 lb. bags.

Iams Large Breed Dry Dog Food, Chicken

Best dry dog food for large breeds

Iams Large Breed Dry Dog Food, Chicken

Large dogs have increased demand in metabolism support and the food for these breeds must account for it. Proteins should be lean. Additional elements are responsible for musculoskeletal system.

We have chosen Iams Large Breed Dry Dog Food, Chicken as the best dry dog food for large breeds, which meets the mentioned above requirements.

Its first ingredient is farm-raised chicken. There are wholesome veggies and grains, no by-products. All balanced components contain chondroitin sulfate for muscles and joints, probiotics and fibers for digestive system, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals for healthy skin, coat, and teeth.

The variety of packing allows choosing the best option for you: 15, 30, 38.5, 40 lb.

Best dry dog food brands

Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo company is a premium-quality family owned dog food manufacturer, famous for its unique LifeSource healthy bits kibble formula.

Besides, its wide variety of ready-made pet dishes has excellent quality, is made of real meat and wholesome grains avoiding meal by-products. This is perfect food for your canine companion.


Wag is an Amazon brand, being manufactured in CA. Your bud’s health is in the first place for this producer. That is why he properly tests and selects recipe components.

There is an option of 100% purchase refund in case a dog refuses this food for any reasons.


Iams is a perfect nutrition option among the best dry dog food brands. It is designed for the needs of your canine friend and is recommended by vets.

The components are natural, wholesome and thoroughly selected and mixed in a precise proportion by the best specialists. You may be sure to choose the food your dog needs, avoiding any artificial fillers or dyes.

Castor & Pollux Organix

Castor & Pollux Organix is the leader in producing organic dry dog food in America. It offers the finest ingredients, which are 100% planted and cropped without antibiotics, growth modifiers.

A special certification of USDA means not only natural elements, but also cooking processes in the most favorable regime for preserving all nutritional components.

Rachael Ray Nutrish

Rachael Ray Nutrish is a famous brand for dog meals. All the recipes of Rachael are designed to make your dog active. Only premium quality ingredients with real meat and garden-raised plants are included. The food does not contain wheat or meat byproducts.

The Rachael Ray Fund spends a definite part of each bag earnings to help homeless animals. 

Features to consider when buying dry dog food

Ready-made dry dog food is advantageous comparing to other options. A portion may be easily calculated and corrected if necessary. Besides, if you practice frequent travelling or spend much time in the open air, good dry dog food is the best variant.

However, there are two important features to be considered when buying dry food for an adult dog: nutrients and ingredients.


Fats, carbohydrates and proteins are necessary for metabolism, energy supply and healthy tissues building. Correct development of your pet will benefit from proper nutritional elements proportion, while both, overfeeding or underfeeding may lead to different diseases. 

  • Protein rich kibble works well for feeding grown up and senior dogs. Since they are carnivores, they need meat or fish (lamb, pork, salmon) as a main element (up to 36%) to support their development.
  • Carbs (corn, pea, fruits, veggies) work for younger pets, smaller breeds, demanding higher energy supply (up to 28% as the main ingredient, and 10%-15% as a supplementary element).
  • Fats (5%-10%) are obligatory components for all pooches, except those who need a special feeding formula due to health concerns.


Read thoroughly the label to understand, what your dog will consume.

  • The main ingredient is the most important element of the dry dog food. Avoid dubious indications like meat by-product or fish-flavoured.
  • Additives are very important, as dry food should supply well-balanced nutrition including fats, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids for immune system and diseases prevention.
  • Tastes. Appetite of your canine friend will depend upon this factor. However, artificial ingredients, flavours and dyes should be excluded.
  • A special diet with curing effect. This feature is closely connected with your dog’s specific needs (age, breed, health condition). It should be applied only after your veterinarian advice.


Guide (Frequently Asked Questions)

How is dry dog food made?

Generally, the kibble production steps are as follows.

Step 1. Collecting raw ingredients.

Step 2. Grinding appropriate sized products.

Step 3. Preparing a well-balanced proportion of the ingredients, vitamins and minerals.

Step 4. Kneading the mixture; shaping it in the cylinder form.

Step 5. Slicing appropriate particles; enrobing (adding liquid or powder flavors to enhance palatability).

Step 6. Preparing dry food: drying by heating, by airflow, freezing, baking or cold pressing. Then obligatory cooling follows to avoid moist and to provide safe storage.

Step 7. Packing in the corresponding bags for sales outlets dispatch.

What are the types of dry dog food?

Among the great variety of adult dog dry foods, we may distinguish between complete and complementary.

Complete one is the food, which is suitable for well-balanced feeding with all necessary ingredients.

Complete food may be designed with different diets:

  • meat (pork, beef),
  • poultry (duck, chicken),
  • vegetarian (brown rice, pea),
  • seafood (salmon),
  • gluten-free (aviding grains).

Complementary food may be offered as supplement to the main dish. Remember, that it does not comprise all necessary elements for comprehensive nutrition. 

How much dry food should I feed my dog?

Overfeeding as well as underfeeding your dog may cause illnesses: arthritis, diabetes, heart diseases.

Feeding guides provided on the food bag labels are not exact. Consult your vet and use a dog-feeding calculator to estimate a serving size.

  1. Depending on a life stage, an activity level and a breed estimate the targeted weight of your pup.
  2. Enter this figure in the dog-feeding calculator and it will provide you with necessary daily calories.
  3. Use a scale or a cup to measure a portion.

What’s the best way of transition to a new dog food?

Every dog faces the necessity in food transition.

It happens when

  • shifting from mum’s milk to a puppy food,
  • from pup’s foods to adult one,
  • if any illnesses occur.

Remember 7-day transition period each time you need it. Mix two types of dishes in a different proportion starting with fewer quantity of the new food and increasing it gradually.

What are the riskiest ingredients to avoid when buying dry dog food?

Dangerous elements, which should be avoided:

  • preservatives and stabilizers (ethoxyquin, butylated hydroxytoluene);
  • dyes (artificial, chemical elements);
  • sweeteners and taste enhancers (xylitol, sorbitol);
  • byproducts and grains in case of allergies.

How long does dry dog food stay fresh?

An expiration date is the main indicator of how long dry dog food will be palatable.

Usually it is 12 to 18 months for the kibble.

Remember that the food starts being spoiled in some days after the bag is open. The fats and oils contacting dog plates are exposed to open air, get additional moisture and lose their preservative functions. Thus, a shelf life of the opened dry food is no longer than 2-3 weeks.

Can dry dog food go bad in heat?

Usually the high temperature itself cannot spoil neither a sealed nor an open pack of dry dog food.

However, heat and moisture may provoke bad smell, mildew, rancidity. Try to keep an eye on your dog’s behavior, and substitute spoiled meals with fresh, as soon as a pooch demonstrates any disturbances.

Should I mix wet and dry dog food?

Generally, two kinds of dog food is allowed to be mixed. Moreover, there are a number of advantages:

  • additional palatability;
  • water balance regulation;
  • dos’s weight loss support;
  • saving budgets.

However, make sure that your canine friend is healthy, doesn’t demand any special diet and consumes enough calories.

What can I mix with dry dog food?

Additives in the dog’s kibble make it more attractive and tasty. You may choose between liquid or hard food.


  • plain water to make dry food softer and smell better;
  • broth (a chicken broth with carrots and potatoes);
  • yogurts, sour cream, useful for digestive and musculoskeletal system.

Hard food additives:

  • eggs (boiled, scrambled eggs to add necessary proteins and tastes;
  • herbs and plant food; chop some raw or cooked veggies and mix it with the kibble.

Do not forget to calculate calories of the serving to avoid dog’s overfeeding.

Does dog kibble cause cancer?

Dry dog food cannot cause cancer. However, there are some ingredients, which may cause illness if cooked improperly.

These are grains (whet, bean, corn). If stored in wrong conditions and got wet, they may be contaminated with mold, which may provoke different diseases including cancer. Avoid cheap kibble with grains as the main ingredient.

Moreover, avoid carbohydrate diet if your vet does not prescribe it. Abundance of carbs is one more reason for cancer development. Stick to the meals rich in proteins, antioxidants (raspberries, seafood), herbs (turmeric, Echinacea).

Is raw food better than kibble for dogs?

Raw food diet sounds attractive, and your dog may like it. However, there are several controversial issues about it.

  1. 100% raw food develops unwholesome bacteria and pathogens when being stored improperly.
  2. Unfrozen or pasteurized food should be consumed within one serving; leftovers cannot be kept.
  3. A pet’s dish cannot be left unattended for a long time. Pathogens develop on the plates surfaces and will provoke dog’s gut diseases.
  4. You must wait until your pooch finishes its dinner, wash up and disinfect its plates.
  5. Raw food is not balanced, has higher protein content and uncertain calories number. 

Other dry food for dogs

Rachael Ray Dry Dog Food, Beef, Pea & Brown Rice


Rachael Ray Dry Dog Food, Beef, Pea & Brown Rice

Rachael Ray Dog Food, Beef is our choice for the best dry food for dogs with the taste of beef.

This dish has all-natural components carefully risen in the farms (pure beef with carrot and brown rice). The precise balance of nutritional elements is kept to satisfy adult dog’s needs. Artificial preservatives, gluten components are avoided. The wide range of wholesome components includes probiotics for healthy metabolism, minerals for coat and bones.

Another taste proposition is turkey and venison.

The bags’ capacities are 6, 14, 28, 40 lb.

Halo Grain Free Dry Dog Food, Small Breed, Salmon & Whitefish

Seafood flavored

We love Halo Dry Dog Food, Small Breed, Wild Salmon & Whitefish as the best dry dog food for small dogs with the seafood taste.

The precise formula for smaller breeds consists of whole salmon and whitefish. No meal by-products are added. Tasty organic ingredients ensure good metabolism, healthy digestion, proper calories’ distribution for our canine companion. Fruits, pea, lentil are GMO-free, gluten products are avoided.

A manufacturer produces a big variety of dog foods corresponding to their nutrition needs in the different pets’ life-stages.

Save the money by purchasing 4 or 10-pound food bag at a reasonable price.

Purina Beyond Simply 9, Dog Food, Chicken & Whole Barley

Poultry flavored

Purina Beyond Simply 9, Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken & Whole Barley is the best dry dog food with a poultry flavor.

A leading manufacturer of the pets’ products offers a perfect wholesome nutrition for your bud. Using simple but trusted ingredients, this food brand provides all necessary elements and minerals for a correct development of an animal. The main natural component is chicken, responsible for energy. Carbohydrates are represented by barley, canola avoiding wheat.

The wide range of other tastes is offered, including lamb and whole barley for different pets’ life stages.

The food is supplied in the bags of different sizes for your convenience: 3.7, 15.5, 24, 30 lb.

Halo Vegan Dry Dog Food, Vegan Recipe


Halo Vegan Dry Dog Food, Vegan Recipe

Halo Vegan Dog Food, Vegan Recipe is intended for ingredient sensitive dogs that should avoid definite products according to a vet prescription.

We love this product as the best for vegetarian diet avoiding meat, corn, dairy. Meat-free components do not mean zero proteins; they are substituted with their plant source. Thus, the food is well-balanced. Pea, oats, pearled barley are natural and GMO-free.

The manufacturer offers free refund in case a dog refuses to consume the dish.

This dry dog food is offered in 4, 10, 21 lb. bags.

Castor & Pollux Organix Chicken & Oatmeal Dry Dog Food


Organic food means fewer threats of allergies to your canine friend. Therefore, we are standing for this Castor & Pollux Organix Chicken & Oatmeal Dog Food as the healthiest dry dog food with the best ingredients’ offer; though it is a bit costly variant.

Choosing this variant be sure to get more than 95% of organic ingredients (chicken as the main component for energy supply), oats, flaxseeds (as the supply of the necessary elements for healthy systems functioning).

Organic certification is applied not only to products but to the cooking processes as well. Thus, be sure to obtain the best offer for the natural dog food.

It may be proposed with the turkey flavor and in the bags of 4, 10, 18 lb.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Dog Food, Salmon & Sweet Potato


The best grain-free offer with natural components is Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food, Grain Free, Salmon & Sweet Potato.

Its simple but nutritious components are free of gluten, fillers and allergy provoking elements. Salmon as a #1 element ensures protein and fatty acid for energy, and immunity.

Natural fruits and veggies, sweet potatoes, flaxseeds add nutritional value.

The tastes may vary (beef, potatoes, bison). Packing sizes are 4, 12, 23 lb.