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Best Dog Paw Protectors: Balms, Waxes and Fabric

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Quadruped companions of a man demand special attention to their paws. These are very important body parts with the functions of holding a canine’s body, transporting it, and regulating body temperature, cool it or warm depending on the environment.

Keeping dogs paws healthy and safe is a task of a high priority for the owner. Many dangers expect your pet in every outing: gravel, broken glass, rocks, twigs, chemicals, salt for snow melting. Hot pavements, cold and icy grounds, sharp surfaces may cause injuring, freezing or burning of dogs’ paw pads. Uneven and scratchy items on a dog’s way may cause cuts and bruises.

However, there are some ways to avoid these threats and to maintain walks safety. These are dogs’ paw protecting items. Here we describe the best of them from our point of view with some tips of their application.

Top 5 Efficient Dog Paw Ointments and Shoes

Musher’s Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax

Еditor’s Choice

We value Musher’s Secret Season Pet Paw Protection as the number 1 ointment among best dog paw protectors. An invisible layer of this ointment creates a safety cover for dog’s feet, like real boots.

Rough terrain, sharp rocks, crude surface, cold or heated pavement, snow or other precipitation will not stop your active pup from an outdoor walk or exercises. Just apply small amount of the substance to paw pads, elbows or a snout and massage it gently. Use it up to 3 times a week in warm seasons, or more frequently in winter.

Season Pet Paw Protection Wax by Musher’s Secret consists of 100% natural ingredients. Beeswax and plant oils are free of allergic components and safe for a pup’s gastrointestinal tract. Balm’s consistency is breathable allowing skin perspire. The ointment absorbs within few minutes after application, leaves no stains on carpets and floors.

Musher’s Secret is the North American brand, offering the best product for furry companions and continuing its trusted formula from the owners of Canadian sled dogs, working in freezing conditions. The ointment is offered in the variety of jar sizes: 200 gr. (7 oz.), 454 gr. (16 oz.), and 60 gr. (2.11 oz.).

Natural Dog Company Organic Paw Soother


Natural Dog Company Organic Paw Soother

Organic Paw Soother, a balm stick by Natural Dog Company, is our runner-up for the best dog paw ointments.

Use it in any weather conditions to protect your pet as frequently as you need before leaving for a walk. It also calms inflamed and dry pup skin. The balm offered in a stick, may be applied neatly by twisting up and gliding on the open body part: a paw pad, an ear, or nose.

The ingredients are organic and comprise no GMO, chemicals or artificial ingredients. Only the best oils and butters are used for soothing, healing and softening dog paw pads.

The company produces its ointment in Taxes, the USA and distributes it through the popular pet shops networks. 5 oz. stick is compact by size (2.65 in. length) and may be easily taken along for a trip or hike.

EXPAWLORER Paw Protection Dog Socks

Best dog paw protecting socks

Our best dog paw protecting socks are Anti-Slip Traction Control Dog Socks by Expawlorer.

Use them for preserving pup’s paws from heated pavements, cold snow, wet grounds as well as for guarding the woodwork floors from dog’s nail scratches. Rubber sole provides anti-slippery and waterproof effect on any surfaces.

The product material is cotton and rubber. It may be used for everyday wear, it is lightweight and loose enough to allow paw skin breathing.  

Socks may be offered in two colors, black and red and supplied in wide range of sizes, from extra-small to extra-large. Measure thoroughly your pooch’s feet and select an appropriate size. Use additional straps to prevent slipping off.

Ruff Relief Pawstruck Organic Nose & Paw Wax Balm for Dogs

Best dog paw protecting balm

Ruff Relief Nose & Paw Balm for Dogs by Pawstruck is our choice for the best dog foot balm with a quick and reliable effect.

Use the lotion for damaged areas of pup’s skin, nose, paws or elbows and enjoy soft, elastic and protected pads of your lovable friend. Its activity is noticeable especially in rough conditions: bad weather, hard walking gourds. The healing effect of the balm promotes regeneration of dry tissues and restoration of natural pigmentation.

The product is organic, hypoallergenic and safe. Its ingredients are beeswax, jojoba wax, olive oil, vitamin E, coconut oil. USDA Organic certificate is provided by a producer.

The ointment, manufactured in the USA, is supplied in compact jars 2.6 in., its net weight is 1.75 oz. and ensured by 30-day guarantee period.

Paw Nectar Dog Paw Wax

Best dog paw curing wax

Paw Nectar Natural Paw Wax sums up our Top-5 selection of the best dog paw protectors. This best dog paw balm is a proven expert in curing, moisturizing and soothing dry skin of paw pads, nose, mouth and ears.

A dog will feel comfortable walking in crude terrain, frosty streets and hot pavements with the guarding effect of this balm.

All the components are supplied from reliable sources, are organic and hypoallergenic. The balm main ingredient is natural beeswax, supplemented with coconut, lavender, avocado, soy oils, shea, cocoa butters, rosemary seed extract, vitamin E.

100% refund is provided by the purchase if you are not satisfied. The product is conveniently supplied in 2 oz. jars.

Features to consider when buying dog paw protectors

There are two options to protect your four-legged friend’s paws from damages and heal possible pads scratches and injuries:

  • a piece of clothes to put on a dog (self-adhesive pads, socks, booties or shoes);
  • a special ointment for dogs’ paws (wax, crème, balm).

Depending on your demands and your pup’s preferences, choose any of them, considering following important factors.

Pads, socks, booties or shoes

  1. Material. It must be sturdy, natural, breathable, lightweight. A reflective strip is a good option to walk at dusk and night. A sole must be non-slip on the surface made of rubber or silicon ma or silicon components. Snow proofing or water proofing qualities are available on definite models.
  2. Size. Depending on your canine breed size, select a correct protector’s size according to a special chart. Measure your pooches’ paws length and width to make no mistake.
  3. Comfort by putting on and taking off. This is an important feature for active and agile pets. Make sure the dog paw covers are equipped with an elastic band, snap or Velcro straps to ensure quick and reliable fixing.
  4. Easy cleaning. Shoes and socks used in bad weather, need to be washed or cleaned. The most convenient option is machine washing.

Special wax or balm

  1. Protecting or curing effect. Ointment creates a protective cover on the surface of pups’ paws, thus serving as a guard for ice, salt, sharp objects, debris or rocks penetration. It also may act as a remedy with an effect of tissue moistening, soothing in case of dry and damaged skin.
  2. Ingredients. Check the content to avoid components, to which a dog may be sensitive or allergic. Usually the balm or wax consists of natural organic ingredients, such as beeswax, olive oil, shea butter.
  3. Form of application. The substance (crème, wax or balm) may be offered in jars, sticks, tubes.

Pets usually are loyal to gentle paws massage with the protection ointment. Besides, these are over the counter preparations, buy them without vet’s prescription. However, our advice is to consult a dog health professional before buying an ointment.

Guide (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the types of dog paw protection?

  1. Watching out dangerous conditions 

Frequently the weather may be anomaly hot in summer. Take a pooch for an outing early in the morning or late in the evening, when the air is cooler and pavements are not so scorching.

While walking your dog, avoid any artificial ground coverings (asphalt, gravel), snow melting chemicals in favor of grass.

  1. Preventing possible injuries

Prevention method means protecting pet paws in any walking circumstances: hot pavement, snowy ground or rough terrain.

  • Use special wax to create a strong barrier between paws’ pads and a ground surface.
  • A regular use of a balm or a crème with moisturizing effect will make your pet’s pads smooth, elastic and resistant to damages from dry skin.
  • Use any opportunity to make your dogs’ natural protection sturdier. Walk it on a rough pavement to obtain tough paw pads even with minor calluses. Thus, their natural cover against scratches and cuts will protect them.
  • Examine your pooches paws daily, clean and wipe toes from possible debris to avoid inflammations.
  • Dog shoes may become good dog foot protection for walks in all conditions. Sturdy rubber or neoprene soles protect perfectly against hot or cold temperatures, salt, chemicals, sharp surface.
  • Socks and self-adhesive pads are lightweight and easier to put on. Make sure their bottom is reinforced to provide temperature or bad surface protection.
  • All-terrain boots are offered for active athletic animals, who practice exercises in the open air in any weather conditions. They are heavier and not all dogs agree to wear them.

How do dog paw protectors work?

A pigmented part of the paws skin, usually pink or black, is an important for dog’s thermal regulation and sweating. It lacks fur and bears total weight of a pooch, thus it is vulnerable to damages and burns and need to be protected.

A dry skin is exposed to cracks, cuts and should be moisturized. Apply some wax or balm on it in accordance with a doze and the way of usage instruction. A small amount of the substance and gentle massage movements on the surface of paws are usually welcomed by dogs. As a result, paw pads are moisturized, elastic and a sturdy defending cover is created for a one-time walk.

Dog’s socks, shoes or boots putting on demands mastering special skills. Footwear must have an easy to open and close snap, elastic band, or Velcro strap to make the process quicker and less stressful for your pup. Additionally, these items are offered in various sizes. So select the one, which suits your dog perfectly. Do not fasten dog pad protectors too tightly, leave some space for skin breathing.

Should you moisturize your dog’s paws?

Yes, apply moisturizer regularly if a dog’s skin is dry. Special pup waxes and balms are used to maintain dog paw pads sturdy and resistant to injuries during walks. They make the paw trimmed and create protective cover to walk in hot, cold, wet conditions or run on bad ground surfaces.

However, if paw pads are healthy, elastic and wet enough, do not apply any substance to dog’s feet. Also, avoid using any human crème or balm. It will make the paws too soft and susceptible to cracks and tears.

Is paw wax safe for dogs?

Usually, dog’s wax contains safe, natural ingredients, such as plant oils, shea butter, beeswax. It will not cause any damage to a dog’s stomach in case some amount gets in. If a dog licks a paw or swallows a minor amount of wax occasionally, it won’t lead to poisoning, just some laxative effect may be noticed.

Wax does not contaminate floors or carpets in your apartment. However, try to wash your pets’ feet each time after a walk. If sand or dirt stick to paws, some pathogenic microbes may be brought to your house.

When are paw protection waxes mostly used?

Apply the paw protection wax to keep your pets’ feet safe, healthy.

Your four-legged friend walking will be free of pain in any conditions outside:

  • In winter, if the weather is cold and snowy. A protective layer of wax acts as a guard against low-temperature pavements, sharp frosts, chemicals and salt, which are used for melting the snow outside.
  • In summer, hot surfaces may burn unprotected gentle paw pads. Cover them with some ointment and walk safely in any weather.
  • If the paws are dry, it leads to cracks, wounds and tears. Soften and moisturize the pads with some wax, making feet elastic and resistant to uneven and rough terrains.
  • Paw bruises and calluses cause pain. Provide special ointment care to heal your dog’s paw pads and to create protective layer on them.

What causes dry paws and can you ignore them?

Dogs’ feet perform not only transporting and supporting functions. Paw pads alongside with the dog’s mouth help maintain a temperature balance by skin sweat, thus cooling a pup when it is hot outside.

In case the pads are lack of moisture, they fail performing their functions. This leads to their cracks and tears, which is painful for a pooch and provokes further health problems.

Therefore, it is important to keep paw pads wet and elastic enough, never ignoring dry paws symptoms.

The reasons of dry paws are:

  • Pavement or walking surface low or high temperature;
  • Precipitation (rain, snow);
  • Chemicals (salt, snow melting solutions, carpet cleaners, garden chemicals, acids);
  • Crude ground conditions (sand, gravel, rocks, broken glass);
  • Dog’s internal organs medical problems (allergies, gastrointestinal concerns, liver and autoimmune diseases).

May snow hurt dog’s paws?

Harsh cold of the winter is dangerous for dog’s paws not only due to the low temperature, but also because of a number of other factors.

  1. Low temperature burn. A dog gets its paw pads damaged if they are not protected from the frosts.
  2. Snow melting chemicals. These substances are aggressive towards a gentle dog skin and cause irritation or inflammation.
  3. A pup gets indigestion or even gets poisoning, when licking off and swallowing the aggressive chemicals from the feet.
  4. Salt, which is used for deicing pavements, causes dry paw pads, cracks or skin irritation.
  5. Untrimmed toes with long fur collect dirty snow with microbes from streets causing different infections.

Regular grooming and trimming your canine companion, washing feet after each walk, using protective ointments and wearing special dog booties decrease the possibility of dog’s diseases in winter.

How do I stop my dog’s paws from burning?

Prevention is the best way to cease burning paws in summer.

  1. Stroll with your dog in the morning or in the evening when it is cooler outside.
  2. Avoid manmade street surfaces, head for natural coverings or grass.
  3. If stepping on the concrete or asphalt is needed, touch it with the back of your hand to check its temperature.
  4. Use paw protecting ointments for paw pads hydration, massage them gently into the skin to make it elastic and sturdy against burns and cuts.
  5. Put on special paw protection socks, pads or shoes with thick rugged neoprene or rubber sole.

Other dog paw protectors

VALFRID Self Adhesive Dog Paw Protector

Dog Paw Protectors from VALFRID are rugged and anti-slip. They are precious due to their anti-skidding effect on wet, icy grounds, polished hardwood or tile floors. They have rugged sole insulation from hot burns or cold impacts; act ad guard against dirt and precipitation; aid arthritis or other dog with musculoskeletal system disabilities.

VALFRID protector for dogs replaces heavy boots and uncomfortable socks. It is self-adhesive. Just trim the toes, clean and dry paw prior to usage and paste it on the paws.

The protector is made of soft breathable fabric supplied with rubber spots for good tracking and causes no harass to a pet.

It is supplied in a variety of sizes (S – XXXL), with the exact measurement chart, 24 disposable pieces in a pack.

Bodhi Dog Organic Paw Balm for Dogs

Certified Organic Paw Balm by Bodhi Dog is made by a small family owned company. The family business is directed at satisfying the needs of pets and parents including the most demanding ones.

The product offered by Bodhi Dog helps maintain the best results for treating, protecting, moisturizing, healing dogs’ paws. It reduced impacts of bad weather and rough roads by walking a pup in bad terrain, hard rocks, snow or ice, hot grounds. In case the paw pads are damaged and irritated, a balm provides a soothing and repairing effect.

The ingredients are 100% natural, which is stated in USDA organic certificate: beeswax, shea butter, jojoba oils and causes no stomach problems by licking.

The ointment is packed in a compact jar of 1.9 oz. weight.

Fur Goodness Sake Paw Gold All Natural Dog Paw Balm

Paw Gold All Natural Paw and Nose Balm for Dogs by Fur Goodness Sake is an immediate and efficient treatment of skin and tissues damages (nose, paw pads, ears).

A pup won’t suffer any pain, if crème is applied immediately after walking in frosty weather, on hot or rough pavements. This is a good preventive method for cuts, cracks, irritations making dry skin resistant to impacts, smooth and elastic.

The ointment is made in the form of light serum, absorbs quickly, leaves no stain. The ingredients are safe and natural: Abyssinian oil, bamboo extract, kale extract, vitamins A, C, K. Their combination ensures holistic curing effect: soothes and repair skin, provides building elements for the fur, teeth, bones, fight infection, support muscles and blood health.

The substance is packed in convenient 4 fl. oz. tubes to keep your hands clean after application.

PetSupply Dog Paw&Nose Balm

PetSupply Dog Paw&Nose Balm

PetSupply Dog Paw Balm is one of the best dog paw moisturizers. In tough weather conditions open parts of a dog’s body suffer greatly, get irritated may be inflamed and cracked.

There is an effective remedy to avoid these problems. PetSupply dog balm has smooth consistency, is applied easily, absorbs quickly, and leaves no grease on the floor or hands.

Its ingredients are 100% organic, non-toxic and safe. Mango, shea butter, beeswax, almond, avocado, lavender essential oils, vitamins B5 and E support skin, healthy and shiny coat.

1.7 oz. compact jar is lightweight and may be easily taken along.

ROZU Dog Paw Protection Pads

The dog paw protection pads by ROZU are easy in use, comfortable and fit a pup of any breed and size. Self-adhesive disposable pads are made of an eco-friendly breathable cloth with silicon points for better traction. They help prevent pads dryness, getting cold or hot, damaged from rocky grounds or broken glass.

Old dogs or dogs with legs disabilities may benefit from getting more confident on slippery surfaces. The pad protector by Rozu prevents hardwood or polished floors from being scratched.

Customers are guaranteed 100% refund or replacement of the product in case of any dissatisfaction.

The pads are available in a variety of sizes from S to XXXL and a chart with dimensions is provided for exact measurements. There are 24 pieces in a set of the pet paw protector.

UpNature Penny’s Paw Rescue 100% Natural Dog Paw Balm

UpNature’s Penny’s Paw balm is the best for dogs’ paws rescue in rough weather or environment conditions.

Its gentle and safe formula helps achieve immediate results in treating scratched and dry paws. Wax efficiently creates a strong barrier for mud, cold and heated surfaces preventing paw pads damage.

The ingredients are hypoallergenic and may be used almost without restrictions: beeswax, shea butter, jojoba, avocado, moringa, hemp oils. They provide soothing and hydrating effect, create a guarding cover, supply fatty acids and phospholipids for skin health, reduce inflammations, act as antiseptic.

Penny’s Paw Rescue balm by UpNature’s is supplied in a 2.0 oz. jar.

Baely’s Paw Shield Dog Paw Balm

Baely’s Paw Shield balm offers true protection of your pooches’ paw pads for the walks in hard conditions of cold winter, hot summer, bad terrains.

The trusted family owned company offers its product through decades. It has obtained real endorsement by veterinarians and dog parents for multiple effects and high quality.

This ointment cures cracked pads, dry noses, restores healthy pigmentation, hydrates skin and makes it smoother and protected.

The ingredients (plant butters and beeswax), used by balm production, are natural, provide no side effects, and are free of chemicals.

Treating substance is supplied in a cost-saving packing of a large 4 oz. jar offering twice volume comparing with many competitors.