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Best Dog Boots

Best Dog Boots

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In those regions where winters are long and frosts are severe, even the most furry pets can not do without protection for their paws. Dogs suffer not only from low temperatures – they can be injured by sharp ice cubes freezing between their fingers – fans of Jack London adventure stories must know about such terrible injuries.

If we are talking not about the wilderness of the circumpolar, but about the cities of the middle lane, then even more dangerous is salt with impurities of reagents, which are generously sprinkled in the courtyards and sidewalks in winter. This salt mercilessly corrodes our boots and shoes – you can only imagine how the skin on dog’s legs suffers!

So, winter dog shoes must meet two requirements: to warm the paws and protect them from injury by ice and salt. For the coldest weeks, when a thaw is not expected, you can buy dog boots. They are an analogue of human shoes, only a reduced size. Naturally, such dog shoes are sewn taking into account the anatomy of the animal and have fasteners in the form of Velcro or zippers – otherwise they simply will not hold on their paws while running.

Top Best Dog Boots

My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog Shoes

Editor’s Choice

My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog Shoes

These are great versatile dog booties. They are durable and comfortable for your active pet. These boots are waterproof and useful in any weather. They slide easily over the legs and can be fastened with Velcro.

In addition, these boots offer added stability. Thus, they are ideal for less stable surfaces or for dogs that have balance problems. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.

QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes

Best Waterproof

QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes

These boots are perfect for keeping your sweet dog’s paws dry and warm in the winter. As the name suggests, they are specially designed for use on snowy surfaces. If your dog likes to walk in the snow in winter – these shoes may be for him.

They are made from recycled materials and have a first-class construction. They are also very easy to put on and fasten around your dog’s paws.

RUFFWEAR – Grip Trex

Best Dog Hiking Boots

RUFFWEAR - Grip Trex

Many small breeds are very playful and love to run in nature. These boots for dogs are ideal for a variety of landscapes, in particular for hiking trails and woodlands. They will keep the animal’s paws safe and comfortable while it is walking on the street.

These booties for dogs have a very sturdy construction that can withstand virtually any surface. They also have very good stability to keep even the most awkward dogs upright as they run around.

Many owners use these dog mittens for marine conditions in which stability on slippery surfaces is essential. They will protect your pet’s paws even on the most abrasive surfaces and at the most extreme temperatures.

Pawz WaterProof Dog Boot

Best Cheap Dog Boots

Pawz WaterProof Dog Boot

Sometimes you need doggie shoes for one-time or very rare use.

These disposable slippers are made of biodegradable rubber. They are lightweight and packaged in several pairs. Although less durable than regular dog rain boots, they will keep your dog’s paws safe. Even better, they are environmentally friendly as they are decomposed by microorganisms.

This is a particularly good choice if you want something available for one-time use, especially for small dogs. However, consider another option if you want to use shoes every day.

WINSOON Dog Australia Boots

Best Winter Dog Boots

WINSOON Dog Australia Boots

Warm boots of this type are preferred by avid fashionistas, for whom the glamorous appearance of a beloved pet plays an important role, as well as dog owners who want to save money and use such shoes in winter, autumn and spring.

Buying Guide

What are dog boots, and how do they work?

In most cases, people humanize animals and dress them like themselves – this is wrong. The best dog boots affect the pet’s walk and not all dogs like them. But they have to be used as a necessary tool – to protect against reagents and minor injuries.

After all, if a chemical falls onto the dog’s paws, which are strewn with roads in the city, the reaction occurs instantly. By the time you get home to wash your paws, the dog will already get a burn.

However, many tailed hosts are confident that dog boots do more harm than good. Like, in a dog’s shoes, the dog loses its grip, and this can result in injury, including dislocation of the paws.

To avoid injuries, high-quality shoes need to be chosen, with non-slip soles and always the size of the paws. Then there will be no dislocations. It is important that the shoes have comfortable and reliable clamps that will not allow the shoes to move off their feet.

Do dogs really need boots?

There are many videos on the Internet where dogs of various breeds amusingly try to get rid of shoes: they clank their feet, shake their limbs, and completely refuse to go. Maybe the shoes are not suitable for everyone, or before wearing them, the dog needs to be specially trained? It turns out that neither the breed nor the age in this matter plays a role.

An important role is played by the factor of individual intolerance. There are dogs that tolerate the cold very poorly, and winter walks become a punishment for them, not a pleasure. For such breeds, shoes are just a godsend. Walking increases in time; the dog does not feel discomfort.

If you decide that a doggie needs shoes, before using them, you will have to explain to the dog why these things are on his feet.

To train a dog is pointless. Having bought shoes, put it on the dog at home, and let him walk around so that the pet is used to it, the veterinarian advice. And you can immediately put on shoes immediately before a walk, then the dog will have an association “shoes – walk,” and he will get used to it faster.

How do I get my dog’s booties to stay on?

It is important to pay attention to a number of nuances before buying. The ideal option is the opportunity to try on, but if the new thing is purchased through the online store, then you need to carefully read the corporate size chart, which differs from different manufacturers, or even better, measure the paw of the animal yourself and compare it with the dimensions of the model you liked.

There is still a little trick: dogs of decorative breeds and puppies can choose shoes exactly in size, large breeds that are distinguished by a large weight, you need to buy protection for paws one size larger. Otherwise, when walking or running, the bodyweight will be distributed in such a way that the fingers will be cramped. Shoes made from inelastic, rigid materials with an abundance of coarse internal seams also cause discomfort.

When do dogs need boots?

Dog paws are better suited for walking barefoot than the soles of human legs, but can also suffer from cold, damp, sharp stones or glass fragments that come across on city sidewalks.

In order to ensure the comfort of the pet and protect it from injuries, it is better to protect its paws with suitable shoes, especially since today it can be purchased inexpensively and matched exactly in size.

In addition, such purchase will cost definitely less than a visit to the veterinarian about frostbite or a cut of a dog’s limb.

How are dog boots measured?

When choosing clothes for pets, many are wondering how to determine the size of the dog’s shoes.

All sizes of dog shoes vary by the breed of animal. Usually, the length of the sole is 0.5-0.7 cm greater than its width. A table of shoe sizes will help you choose the right pair, including the one presented on our website.

If you do not know how to determine the size from the table, then find the breed of your dog in the column. Find the two numbers that indicate the length and width of the sole and the number which is the size designation in the international classification.

Features to consider


This parameter is crucial as the wrong size may damage your dog’s run. Moreover, there are nuances for small and large breeds we mentioned above.


This feature isn’t necessary, but when choosing boots mainly for walks in the city, this parameter should be considered.


The dog’s paw in its natural position is perpendicular to the ground. Accordingly, the sole on the shoes should be of a suitable shape.


Even winter shoes for dogs should be light. Its weight should correspond to the size and complexion of the dog. The dog should feel comfortable and free.


Lightning will allow you to quickly put dog snow boots, which is especially convenient with an emotional favorite, but not suitable for long-haired breeds.

A good way of attaching is two straps around the limbs, fastened with Velcro. However, Velcro must be of high quality.


The sole should be light, but strong and at the same time not very thick so that the dog feels where he walks. In this way, the dog does not slip. The sole at the boots can be slightly curved, grooved.