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Best Dog Pools

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Not all pets enjoy water, they are land lovers rather than swimmers. However, generally most animals, especially pups, are eager to soak with any liquid substance. Arranging their own pool for swimming would be great for them.

A doggie would enjoy refreshment on a hot day, additional physical exercises, bathing and cleaning her hair. Besides, dipping promotes the mental health of a pup and makes her obey commands.

If you have your own pond already, avoid allowing your pooch using it together with people, especially kids. It is dangerous, as dog’s debris may come in the water. It is not sanitary, causes diseases and is harmful for health.

We have collected the best dog pools designated specially for furry companions and safe ways of their application.

TOP 5 Best Doggie Pools

NHILES Collapsible Bathing Tub, Pet SPA

Еditor’s Choice

Our favorite option among best dog pools is NHILES Portable Pet Dog Pool. This is the best overall choice due to multiple reasons.

Give your lovable doggie time for dabbling on a hot day. This foldable dog pool is quick to install. There is no need in tiresome inflating. Just put an item on a flat ground in any spot of your garden, lawn or patio removing all sharp hazards in advance.

A special cap on the side bottom makes convenient filling the dog pool. Pore and drain a pond any time. Blue color makes a product bright and attractive. It is manufactured of reliable PVH and is enforced by an additional vinyl layer in the bottom. It is almost impossible to tear a pool by dogs’ nails, or by cats’ claws.

Available in three sizes, this Nhiles portable pool fits small, middle and large breed dogs with its 32’’, 39’’ and extra-large 63’’ diameters.

Juegoal Fold Dog Pool


Juegoal Fold Dog Pool

Have a look at Juegoal Fold Dog, which is our runner-up among best doggie pools. You are sure to enjoy its versatility.

Being produced for pups and pets, this product may be used for toddlers’ paddling as well. Bathing, swimming, summer cooling are its main purposes.

The tub is produced of PVH and MDF boards for thickening. The pool is portable, and may be used during travels, or at home. It takes almost no place to store it when unused. The youngest pups and children are absolutely safe due to a non-slip bottom.

There are three sizes of the product, which differ in diameter: 32’’, 48’’ and 63’’.

SURPCOS Collapsible Pool for Dogs

Budget Pick

Foldable Dog Swimming Pool by SURPCOS is our budget pick, which meets all requirements for safe dabbling in collapsible dog pools.

Being made of tough PVH and MDF board, its bottom is anti-slip and protected. Bright red color looks nice on any lawn or in the house.

Due to high portability, the pool may be easily collected and taken to the sun beach. No inflating is needed, which makes product set up extremely easy. After its natural drying, the unit may be stored. Your lovable dog or cat will enjoy bathing, dipping, or cooling out, when heat is overwhelming.

There are offers for pets of any sizes due to various dimensions.

MARUNDA Foldable Dog Pool Slip-Resistant

Best Dog Pool for Large Dogs

With Foldable Pool from MARUNDA any giant breed pup will be comfortable while taking bath or dipping. Here we present an extra strong dog swimming pool for large dogs.

An item is offered in three variants of sizes, and its 63’’ diameter with 12’’ depth is suitable for your big canine. The dog tub is sturdy and can withstand higher loads thanks to double-layer PVH and twice-thicker MDF board (0.45 cm thick) than other pools.

The unit is collapsible. It is handy to set it up and transport. No pumps are needed, as well as tedious inflating. Unfold a pool; add enough water, few doggy toys and fun begins. A reliable brush for trimming comes as a set.

Dono Foldable Pet Bath Tub

Best Kiddie Pool for Dogs

We love this variant of dog pool for its versatility. Dono Pool may be suitable for dogs, cats and even kids.

Its application is not limited to a bath indoors, or a pond with fish outdoors. Some sand and sea balls will make a dry kid’s pond.

The unit is extremely sturdy. Its vinyl material is safe and BPA-free. The edges are wrapped and protected from punctures and wear.

Dono Foldable Pet Pool is manufactured in three sizes (31.5’’, 47.2’’, 63’’ diameter), has attractive blue color and may be easily open and folded. Its drainage hole is placed in the bottom and provides effortless water refreshing or empting.

Features to consider when buying dog pools

It is difficult to make a pup clean her legs before bathing or provide hygienic procedures to make swimming safe for all. While sharing the same tub for a kid, a human and a pet may result in liquid contaminations, microbes and bacteria multiplication and further diseases.

Additionally, a receptacle must have reliable protection against punctures, scrapings and other damages caused by dog’s claws or teeth. This may lead to total loss of a pricey item.

We like an idea about an individual dog tub. Here are the features to consider before doggie pool purchase.


Think about preferences and needs of your pup. Of course, a strong breed pet enjoying physical activity, will like paddling, doing some exercises, sporty swims and workouts. Thus, a spacious pond is needed.

In case, your canine companion has no swimming preferences, then a pooch tends to outdoor summer bathing instead of indoor hygienic procedures and chilling out in a medium or small tub.


Plastic, strong PVC, truck bed liner, metal or even in-ground constructions finished with tile or plaster are the materials for dog pools. Produced specially for canines, pools usually are free of BPA, their chemical formula does not cause any health issues. Use a variant, which is the most suitable for you in terms of exploitation.

Remember, the sturdiest pools for dogs are in-ground; however, they are pricey and cannot be removed for a cold season as they are standing.

At the same time, PVH pools are light weighted, convenient to fold and unfold, but susceptible to damages or pops. Collapsible dog pools may be drained or filled with water upon your needs. It may be also moved around, or removed if it is unused.

Getting in and out

Remember, getting in and out is an important factor for your four-legged companion to enjoy the bath, especially for older pooches or for doggies with limbs or joints concerns. Low pool sides are an easy obstacle for a dog of any size.

However, additional assistance is necessary for a pup in case of a deep pool, or absence of shallow dog pool entry or floppy sides. A reliable ladder, ramp or ledge is needed in this case.

Guide (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it safe for dogs to swim in swimming pools?

Generally, a pool for dogs, which is regularly maintained and filled with chlorinated or salt water, is safe. It is not possible for a pet to be seriously poisoned swallowing a portion of this liquid.

However, some precautions are needed for a pond to become the source of joy and fun for your lovable furry friend.

  1. To avoid pet’s drowning, try to watch out for your dog when she is near an open pool or water. Provide pool covers or fences when a tub is unattended. Remove dog toys from the water to avoid provoking an animal into the pool to continue playing.
  2. To reduce a hazard of chemical poisoning, take away all pool cleaning and disinfecting substances as soon as you do not use them.
  3. Drinking abundant quantities of pool water is not safe and may lead to water intoxication and brain damage. Provide sufficient amounts of clean drinking for a pup. She won’t be thirsty and eager to lap up from the pool in such a case.

What type of pools is best for dogs?

The variety of dog pools is restricted only by your purse. Keeping in mind the water activities purpose, choose between the following offers.

  1. The priciest units among dog pools are in-ground ones. Finished with fiberglass, tile, concrete or plaster, they are spacious. Nevertheless, they are not always safe for accidental drowning and pups joint or limbs due to sharp corners and a hard bottom.
  2. Folding dog pools is the next variant. They have two distinctive advantages. They are removable to be stored during cold seasons or used in travels, and are less expensive. They are manufactured from PVH, which is non-toxic and suitable for pups. However, they may be less durable.

The collapsible dog pools are offered in S, L and XL sizes, and different sides height. Swimming pup pools may be selected according to the breed’s needs (active swimming, exercises or relaxation).

  1. Inflatable pools are mainly manufactured of reliable vinyl and are the cheapest option. They may be inflated on any lawn or small patio during a hot summer period for padding and bathing purposes. The most common size for these units is small and medium one, sufficient for such breeds.

Usually these pools for dogs are produced specially for pups withstanding claws, nails and teeth damage. However, if your pooch is prone to chewing, and an accidental puncture occurs. buy additionally a repair kit and renovate your broken pool quickly.

  1. A plastic dog pool may be installed effortlessly. It is offered as a big bathing tub placed on special stands or legs and may be used for spa procedures. Just take a hose with different nozzles and make your pup bathing in the open air a real pleasure and fun.

Is chlorinated water bad for dogs?

If a pup is healthy and does not suffer any kidney or heart diseases, some chlorinated or salt liquid from a dog’s pool is not dangerous. The concentration of chlorine in the pool water is approximately 1.5 part per million. This is relevant to a tap water proportion.

However, a pool must not be the only source of drinking for an animal. Consuming salt or chlorinated water from the pond may cause thirst. Abundant consumption of liquids, which follows next, may lead to diseases, extra pee and unpleasant accidents with a pet.

Will a dog pop an inflatable pool?

Inflatable pools have numerous advantages, though they are subject to punctures. Usually plastic or vinyl material used for pooch’s pools is far more durable than the same for kiddie or human pools.

They have great portability and are light weighted. Being equipped with an additional pump for effortless inflating, these items are mostly used on the go, in travels or hiking.

Dog SPA procedures, workouts, frequent getting on and off may destroy a pool or cause a puncture. Thus, a regular pooch’s nail trim is obligatory prior to getting in the water. But it is easily patched using a special kit for vinyl repair.

Should I wash my dog after swimming in the pool?

If a pooch is kept away from the pond while it is maintained, cleaned or processed with chemicals or algaecides, severe injuries or diseases are not possible.

However, chlorinated or salt water from a dog pool may cause skin irritations. Check a pooch skin for redness or flakes each time, she gets out of the tub. Shower her using a hose to avoid itching.

Can all dogs swim naturally?

There are animals prone to swimming. Natural behavior and instincts make almost all canines good swimmers. Otherwise, there are ones who are land-lovers. While the biggest amount of dog breeds belong to the first group, still there are pups who keep away from the water procedures.

Generally, big breeds with strong paws, hunting pups who are bred for chasing waterfowl, can swim perfectly. These are Water Spaniels, Labrador Retrievers, Newfoundlands. They need a big pool for an active workout, competition, and swimming.

Breeds with short limbs, small dogs, pups who have flat snouts usually are bad swimmers: Bulldogs, Pugs, Pekingeses. Their main interest is SPA procedures and splashing to cool down in the hot weather, and middle or small tubs are enough.

Other dog pools

Frisco Outdoor Dog Swimming Pool

Frisco Outdoor Dog Swimming Pool

Frisco Dog Swimming Pool ensures freshness to pooches on a hot summer day. This is a perfect entertainment for a pup of any breed offering individual pools from 31’’ to 63’’ for dabbling and chilling out in cool water.

An extra strong dog swimming pool is durable, difficult to pop, and is safe, as its vinyl material is enforced and protected against slipping. Remember to trim dog nails regularly. Do not leave a pup in a pond unattended to avoid chewing.

Try to refresh water as soon as it is needed, cleaning a unit with the soapy water between usages. When it is not exploited, just drain the water, dry it and fold up. It is light weighted enough to be stored without taking an extra space.

KOPEKS Outdoor Portable Dog Pool

We love this Portable Dog Pool by KOPEKS for its stress free exploitation. Perfect bathing procedures, dabbling in hot weather are possible in no time with this dog pool.

Unfold a unit, pore water in it. No additional pumps for inflating are needed. Use a dog pool on flat surfaces. Drain the water and rinse the unit each time after usage, it will be enough for maintenance. Let a tub dry naturally before storage. Plastic dog pools from PVH material are safe.

3 different sizes may host small, medium and large breed dogs. Choose between two colors for your liking: gray or blue. Measure your four-legged friend prior to pool purchase.

Cool Pup Splash About Dog Pool

Cool Pup Splash About Dog Pool

Cool Pup offers its Splash About Dog Pool for entertainment, chilling out and paddling on hot days for your lovable pet. Its three variants of dimensions will suit any breed size.

Put the item anywhere you like. The dog pool is collapsible, easy to set up. Just prepare a smooth surface, remove sharp rocks and other contaminations from the bottom. Unfold a product without inflation, pore water for 3⁄4 of its capacity. Drain it after usage through a special drainage hole in the bottom.

PVC material used for its manufacturing is durable and safe.

Alcott Inflatable Dog Pool

Alcott Dog Pool is a perfect pond for any small or medium sized dog. She will be grateful to her parents for cooling, relaxation and may stay in the water for the whole day.

The unit is easy to inflate and deflate for storage in cold winter months. Diameter of 4 feet, low sides make it perfect for any breed to get in and out. Its sturdy PVH material is strong enough to withstand big loads.

Trixie Portable Dog Splash Pool

Take Trixie Dog Splash Pool anywhere for a party of your lovable canine. Due to its high portability and easy set up, you may use it on the lawn or beach, at home or during travels. Just unfold a unit and fill it with water.

The material of the pool is durable, the drainage hole is reliably sealed when in usage to prevent leakage. Its storage dimensions are compacts.

The pond may be used for pets of various sizes thanks to different dog pool options. The pool is stable when filled in due to thick sides and enforced bottom. However, never leave kids or pets unwatched, when a pond is full, to prevent drowning.