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Best Dog Blankets

Best Dog Blanket for Extra Comfort of Your Pet

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The sleeping place should be comfortable, soft, and, most importantly, reliably protected from the cold. Indeed, many domestic dogs have fur that is far from being as thick and long as their distant wild ancestors had.

Smooth-haired and miniature breeds, as well as young puppies, may feel uncomfortable even inside the house if the temperature is below 27 degrees Centigrade (80 °F). Therefore, they definitely need a dog blanket to nap sweetly and calmly on cold nights in warmth and comfort.

A dog blanket is also useful after bathing for the pet not to catch a cold because his fur is wet.

And for the owner, this is a very useful thing. When it is warm and the pet doesn’t get cold, you can use it instead of a bed cover. If your fellow likes to join you in lying on the sofa, there won’t be a problem of gathering fur on the furniture. Just put a blanket, and the pet will have his own little corner on your bedding.

Have you already decided that your tailed friend will definitely not manage without additional warmth and comfort in his sleeping place? Then let’s move to review the top 5 cool blankets for dogs!

Top 5 Best Dog Blankets: the Warmest, the Coziest, and the Most Durable Items

PetFusion Microplush Quilted Dog Blanket

Еditor’s Choice

This blanket for dogs is the undisputed leader among all products on the market thanks to the following features:

  • Extra softness. A new level of comfort is provided for your pet by the special material this item is made of. This super-soft plush dog blanket will not leave your fellow indifferent.
  • Great keeping of warmth. The manufacturer has taken care of those who are sensitive to cold by making this product from a heat-saving synthetic fabric. So, not a single trickle of wind or draft will seep under this blanket. It perfectly retains warmth and helps not to get cold on cool autumn and winter nights.
  • Stylish look. There is nothing superfluous in the design — just a solid neutral color and stylish quilted rhombuses. It is suitable for any interior and will not stand out as a bright spot from the overall picture of the house. Furthermore, the design is reversible, so it is up to you and your fluffy fellow, which side of the item to use.
  • Convenient use. The fabric is not slipping. So even the most active pet won’t fall out of bed.
  • High wear-resistance. The material easily withstands chewing, liquid ingress, and machine washing.

Snuggler Patterned Dog Blanket


Snuggler Patterned Dog Blanket

Another one of the best dog bed blankets combines the following characteristics:

  • Soft material. Tender fabric will gently protect your pet from cold on chilly winter nights.
  • Reliable protection from cold. Thick and fluffy material securely retains warmth and doesn’t let the wind through.
  • Nice and noticeable design. A pretty design with bones will perfectly fit your tailed friend’s bedding. Also, it helps all guests of your place identify that this is a doggie blanket, not the one for people.
  • Easy care. Just put it in the washing machine when it gets dirty. Nothing else is required!

AK KYC 3 Pack 40x 28 Dog Fleece Blankets

Budget Pick

AK KYC Dog Fleece Blankets

This is the best value for money. This item has been chosen by thousands of purchasers due to the following advantages:

  • Best price. The product is sold in a set of three, so you get three puppy blankets for the price of one.
  • Keeps warm delicately. It is designed of 100% fleece. This fabric is a great solution for the right thermoregulation. It helps to keep warm but doesn’t provoke overheating.
  • Universality. Thanks to its special structure, the fabric not only retains heat but also promotes optimal thermoregulation. It will warm your pet in winter, but at the same time, it will not be too hot in autumn and even on cool summer evenings. Therefore, it can be used regardless of the season.
  • As light as a feather. It is extremely lightweight, so it is perfect for pets who don’t like to be under a heavy cover for a long time. The animal will feel only pleasant warmth and no heaviness.
  • Sweet design. Nice paws print will make your fellow’s bedding extra cute.
  • Right size. It perfectly fits miniature and middle-sized pets, and puppies of any breed.
  • One solution for different situations. As you get three items in one set you can keep your pet warm in any circumstances. You can use, for example, one dog blanket for bed, another one for a car, and the third one for a crate. All three items of the set are of different colors, so you will easily distinguish between the ones for different purposes.

PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket

Best waterproof dog blanket

PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket

This is the best variant for your favorite’s comfort and your own calmness due to these features:

  • A two-in-one design. Thick cuddly sherpa from one side and smooth soft fleece from the other one. Both of them are warm, and only your pet decides which of them is comfier for him.
  • Great protection from liquids. This is one of the most reliable waterproof blankets for dogs. Both sides are waterproof. Being used as a throw, it can securely protect your pet from rain. And being used as a cover for bed this waterproof blanket for dogs doesn’t allow liquids to seep onto the surface that is underneath. So, it’s a great solution for puppies who are not yet fully accustomed to being walked.
  • Excellent quality. The material is thick, so it is not subject to quick wiping. Also, it doesn’t spoil because of machine wash.

Frisco Sherpa Dog Blanket

Best puppy blanket

Frisco Sherpa Dog Blanket

This is a perfect combination of the following features:

  • Classy design. Minimalistic appearance from one side and geometric pattern from another one will fit into any interior.
  • One item, two materials. One side is made of sherpa and the other one of twill. lt gives your pet a choice of the most convenient variant.
  • Easy cleaning. Just put it into a washing machine without any problems.
  • Perfect size for tiny pets. This is an especially created pet blanket for dogs of miniature breeds.
  • As soft as a cloud. It gives your pet a sweet dream in ideal conditions.

Features to consider when buying dog blanket

For your buddy to really love it and use it with pleasure choose the right item taking into account:

  • Fabric. The main criteria are softness and warmth. It may be either synthetic (microfiber, faux fur, etc), seminatural (sherpa), or natural (fleece). But note that fully synthetic fabrics may be too hot. So, they are perfect for winter or outdoor use. Semi- and natural ones create a more optimal microclimate. So they can be used indoors at any season. And, of course, the perfect solution is the two-sided product, so that your pet is free to choose which material is more comfortable for him.
  • Temperature regime. If you are going to use the item all year round then pay attention to the ones made of natural or semi-natural materials (like fleece). And if you are looking for an extra warm variant for especially cold nights then give preference to the ones made of synthetic fabrics (polyester, microfiber, plush).
  • Size. It should be enough for your pet to get completely wrapped. Some pups also like to put the part of the blanket under their bodies. So, the size of the item should be about 2 times as big as the bed is. But don’t go to the other extreme by buying too large one as it’s not convenient to use.
  • Weight. Not all pups like to feel something heavy covering them. So, prefer light throws.
  • Durability. It’s a pity when your pet has already become very attached to his favorite blanket, but by this time the item has become completely deteriorated. And you can’t dare to throw it out, but it is no longer possible to keep on using it. To prevent such a situation choose a durable dog blanket that withstands intensive everyday use, machine washing, and is chew resistant if needed.
  • Waterproofness. This is a very important criterion for the items you are going to use outdoors or while traveling.
  • Color. Of course, it doesn’t matter for a pup as canines don’t see all the spectrum of colors that humans distinguish. But for the item to be the full-value part of the home design choose the neutral tones or the ones that match any other bright pieces of interior.

Guide (Frequently Asked Questions)

Should dogs have blankets?

Smooth-haired and small decorative breeds definitely need it, as they can get cold at night even sleeping inside the house. Dog blankets for winter are compulsorily even for cold-tolerant breeds for comfy snoozing outdoors. Furthermore, you need a blanket for dog after bathing or swimming. Wet fur “attracts” cold, the animal is quickly freezing, and may even fall ill.

Besides, a dog bed blanket can serve as a cover. To prevent your sofa or armchair from being covered in fur, put a blanket, and the dog will lie on it.

So, this is a universal thing. When it is hot, a dog lies on the blanket. Thus, it is comfy and soft for a pet, and your furniture is protected from fur and dirt. And when it is cool, a dog takes cover with it so as not to get cold.

What is the best material for a dog blanket?

It should compulsorily combine 3 characteristics:

  • softness;
  • warmth;
  • durability.

The best solutions are fleece, sherpa, microfiber, plush. The first two fabrics are universal, and others are better for winter as they are warmer.

Is it OK for dogs to sleep under blankets?

Yes, it is. The fur of many modern breeds is not very thick and long. And the undercoat is not developed enough to reliably protect the dog from the cold.

And some decorative dogs are not created for adverse conditions at all. Such tinies as toy terriers, chihuahuas, etc are tender creatures that need ideal living conditions.

So, it’s absolutely OK to give additional warmth to a pet while he is taking a rest.

What temperature is too cold for a dog?

For some breeds, thick fur and undercoat provide warmth at any time of the year. But there are also shorthaired breeds, as well as those whose coat, although long, but is not thick, or there is no warm undercoat. Besides, thermoregulation depends on the size of the animal. Small decorative breeds are more thermophilic than large ones. And, of course, puppies need more warmth than adult dogs.

So, the exact temperature that is too cold for your pet depends on the breed, size, and age of the pet.

For example, Caucasian Shepherd Dogs, Husky Dogs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, and other northern breeds can live outdoors without any discomfort even in the frost. But still, a warm blanket won’t be extra in the kennel as the temperature gets especially cold at night.

Smooth-haired dogs, as well as those whose undercoat is not sufficiently developed (for example, a poodle), can get cold even indoors.

To keep dogs with short hair, insufficient undercoat, as well as decorative breeds or puppies warm, the temperature at home should not be lower than 40 — 42 °F (27 — 28 °C). If the temperature is even a couple of degrees lower, the dog may quickly get cold without a warm throw.

Are electric blankets safe for dogs?

If the product meets safety standards, then it is not dangerous to use. But there is one hidden danger to canines while using such items. These animals are very prone to overheating while electric blankets often create too much warmth.

So, immediately stop using them if you see the first symptoms of heatstroke in your pet:

  • hard breath;
  • wheeze;
  • increased salivation. 

Why do dogs like fleece blankets?

There are several reasons for this:

  • Firstly, this material retains heat really well. Beddings with doggie blankets made of this fabric become the favorite places in the house for pets as they are warm and cozy. Even if this fabric gets wet, it still doesn’t lose this property. Therefore, it excellently helps a pet to keep warm after bathing.
  • Secondly, fleece dog blankets are very light. Unlike other warm fabrics, this one is not heavy and doesn’t put excessive pressure on the body. Therefore, the pet doesn’t experience any discomfort, even lying all night and half a day under such a blanket.
  • Thirdly, this fabric is breathable. It allows air to pass through, so the dog’s body breathes. These animals are very sensitive to overheating. Therefore, if the fabric creates a greenhouse effect, the pet cannot stay under the blanket for a long time. It will first crawl under it to warm up, then, on the contrary, crawl out when it gets too hot. With a fleece, there will be no such problem. The pet will be comfortable under it all night without interruptions, and overheating will not occur.
  • And finally, this material is very soft. It is so cozy and comfortable that it will be difficult for you to get your pet out of bed in the morning.

How do you size a dog blanket?

The size of it must be large enough for the pet to be completely wrapped up. And on especially cold days you may even need to fold it in half. So, its size should be approximately twice as big as your pet’s bed.

Most manufacturers have already provided everything for you. Same products are sold in different sizes:

  • Small dog blankets for decorative breeds or puppies;
  • Medium blankets for dogs of middle size;
  • Large for big breeds;
  • X-Large for giants.

Should I put a blanket in my dog’s crate?

For the pet not to be so afraid of the new environment, put its favourite blanket in the crate. It gives more comfort and confidence to the animal by making the environment more familiar and cozy. Also, it protects against drafts while traveling.

Other Items You May Like

Frisco Eyelash Dog Blanket

Frisco Eyelash Dog Blanket

Here are three features making this product so attractive to customers:

  • Higher comfort. Long faux fur is extremely soft and cozy.
  • Free choice of the convenient material. From one side, there is fluffy faux fur, and from the other one, there is smooth velvet. Let your pet choose which one can give him luxurious and super-cozy conditions for a perfect nap.
  • Perfect fit for any home design. The item is available in 3 neutral tones: grey, silver, and sand. Choose the one that ideally matches your interior.

American Kennel Club Animal Print Fleece Dog Blanket

American Kennel Club Fleece Dog Blanket

This is a great solution for large dogs due to enough size (50×40 inches). Also, it:

  • Keeps warm in a cozy way. It is ultra-soft and extremely good at retaining heat.
  • Has an interesting design. Giraffe, Leopard, and Zebra prints are available to make your pet’s bedding look stylish. Since you start using this item the pictures of your fellow napping will become a few times cuter.
  • Is highly hardwearing. Will serve faithfully, despite the harsh conditions of use and machine wash.

Carhartt Dog Blanket

Carhartt Dog Blanket

This is an optimal variant for avid travelers due to the following features:

  • Resistance to liquids. This waterproof dog blanket is an irreplaceable assistant for keeping your buddy comfortable in the field.
  • Chew-resistance. You may be sure that even the most playful pet won’t destroy it. 
  • High durability. The material is really strong, so it is appropriate for outdoor use.
  • Easiness of care. All that you need to do when it gets dirty is to put it into a washing machine.
  • Reliable protection of surfaces. Your car seats will be in safety from the dirty paws, sharp fangs, or wet fur of your playful fellow.

American Kennel Club Micro Sherpa Dog Blanket

American Kennel Club Micro Sherpa Dog Blanket

A universal solution for all tastes:

  • Two different sides (sherpa and micro plush) for your pet to feel free to choose the favourite one.
  • The universal size of 40X40 inches is suitable for any sofa or car seat.
  • High durability for long-term use and regular machine washing.
  • Diverse colors. One side of the item is white and another one is available in three variants: tan, brown, and red.

Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Dog Throw Blanket

Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Dog Throw Blanket

Non-standard option for admirers of exclusive designs. Though being extraordinary in appearance, this item meets all standards of warmth and durability.