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Best Martingale Dog Collars

Best Martingale Dog Collars

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The martingale collar (half-choke) is a special type of collar for dogs that allows the dog to feel comfortable and be happy on a leash.

What is a martingale collar? The term “martingale” is derived from the French word “martingale”. For the first time, it was applicable to horse ammunition. It was a special belt in a horse harness to hold the horse’s head in the right position, or rather not to give the opportunity to lift his head up high. Horse martingale is a device of several belts and rings, where the rings seem to ride (“slide”) along with the belts, assuming different positions.

Most likely, the martingale dog collar got its name from equestrian ammunition, because it is made according to the same principle – several belts are connected by three rings. For many modern collars, rings are not fastened with belts, but with a chain.

How to use a martingale collar, and are there personalized martingale dog collars? Let’s see together.

PetSafe Martingale Dog Collar

Editor’s Choice

PetSafe Martingale Dog Collar

The PetSafe dog nylon martingale dog collar with a light reflection for dogs is lightweight, durable, and reliable. It is made of the highest quality materials. The high-strength nylon from which the collar is made does not lose color when washing and does not fade in the sun. The collar is made with the interweaving of a reflective thread. It is equipped with a high-quality plastic buckle with a lock, which prevents the buckle from opening freely. The collar is soft to the touch, flexible, not afraid of water, practical and unpretentious in care.

Hyhug Pets Upgraded Escape Proof Martingale Collar

Best Classic Martingale Collar

Hyhug Pets Upgraded Escape Proof Martingale Collar

The high-strength nylon from which the collar is made does not lose color when washing and does not fade in the sun.

This martingale leash is used as training and everyday collar. It has a special design in the form of two combined loops. A large loop is worn on the neck of the pet, and a leash is attached to the smaller loop. The collar of this model pulls the dog’s neck with a sharp forward movement. When the dog stops pulling the leash, the collar’s pressure weakens.

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Clumsypets Dog Collar with D-Ring and Buckle

Best Buckle Martingale Collar

Clumsypets Dog Collar with D-Ring and Buckle

The martingale collar with a buckle is made of high-quality nylon; it is easy to wash and dries quickly, retains bright colors for a long time, and does not dye the coat even during water procedures. All seams are carefully processed, which is especially appreciated by dogs with delicate skin. Collars and leashes from this manufacturer are combined in colors, which allows you to choose a bright, practical kit for every taste.

Country Brook Petz

Best Sighthound Martingale Collar

Country Brook Petz

The unique design allows you to easily and quickly put it on over your head. The collar is adjustable in terms of girth and, if properly sized, lies freely on the neck, but if you lead the dog on a leash or hold it by the loop of the collar, it is impossible to slip out of it.

High-quality, welded steel rings provide added reliability.

Other Martingale Dog Collars

Alpha Lifestyle Pets Martingale Collar

Alpha Lifestyle Pets Martingale Collar

This collar is made of soft but durable genuine leather. Used when training dogs prone to pull a leash. A sturdy stranglehold mechanism will compress the dog’s neck with a sharp forward movement. As soon as your pet stops pulling the leash, the noose expands and releases the throat. Reliable fastening maintains even a strong jerk.

Mighty Paw Martingale Collar

Mighty Paw Martingale Collar

The collar is made with the interweaving of a reflective thread. It is equipped with a high-quality plastic buckle with a lock, which prevents the buckle from opening freely. It has a chain for a more classic look. It is available in two colors.

Dazzber Martingale Collar Dog

Dazzber Martingale Collar Dog

When pulling a leash, Dazzber collars do not exert pressure on the dog’s trachea, distributing stress evenly around the neck, and directing it to the front of the neck. The Dazzber martingale collar does not need to be fastened. Therefore it will never be unfastened. Do not let shy, aggressive, or easily excitable dogs run away when they pull in any direction.

Max and Neo Stainless Steel Chain Martingale Collar

Max and Neo Stainless Steel Chain Martingale Collar

This is a half-choke collar that is freely located on the neck, but when the dog drags (jerking forward or backward, trying to “twist” out of the collar), it is tightened but does not squeeze the neck (does not cause suffocation). As soon as the leash loosens, the collar also becomes free. This collar is indispensable for large, active, quickly excitable, and naughty dogs. Made of high-quality soft leather. It has a long service life, durability, and safety for human and animal health.

How to Choose the Best Martingale Collar?

The size of the collar

Measure the dog’s neck and, based on this, already choose the size. The girth of the neck can be measured with a soft centimeter or take any ribbon, attach to the neck and measure the resulting length with a ruler. For example, you received a size of 16 inches (41cm).

If you are not able to try the collar directly on the dog, then look at the label where the size is indicated. Each self-respecting manufacturer always indicates the range for which the collar is designed (and not the total length of the collar) – go for it, but try to choose a size that will NOT start or end with your number, because during measurements, an error or mistake could be made, and the collar will eventually be large or small. A collar with a size of 16-24 inches (41-62cm) is not your choice, as well as the size of 10-16 inches (26-41cm), but 12,5-18,5 inches (32-47 cm) is quite suitable because it has a margin in both directions.


Nylon – combines practicality, light weight, durability, and low price. A nylon collar does not cause allergies. The disadvantage is that cheap models dye the animal’s hair and stretch under the influence of moisture. Such products are chosen by puppy owners, novice dog breeders, and dog owners who do not plan to train their pets. Nylon is also used in the production of cat collars.


Apart from decent material durability is prescribed by well-made accessories – the fastener and the ring for the carbine must be of high quality: the buckle tongue should not slip inside, the fastex should not be opened from one touch (but it is also worth avoiding too rigid, tight construction), the lead ring should be welded or cast. The mounting hardware must be stitched (cheap glued options are not reliable).


The meaning of this design is that the collar in the normal state rests freely on the dog’s neck, like a necklace, and when the leash is pulled, it is pulled to the selected minimum, which does not allow the dog to get out of the collar as if it were an option on the clasp. The pluses are obvious – a free-lying collar does not press the dog’s throat, does not wipe the hair, and in addition, dogs are less likely to pull in collars with this design.

Extra features

And do not forget about the important addition – the address token, where your contacts will be indicated in case of loss of the dog.

The choice of a collar manufacturer should be considered carefully since poor-quality products can play a fatal role in a pet’s life. Before you pay attention to the clasp, especially if it is a fastex. Cheap plastic latches can be unfastened from very little effort. Therefore, it is worthwhile to test the collar for the weight of the dog outside the street. It is worth noting that weak fastex can be found among the products of fairly well-known brands.


Can martingale collars hurt dogs?

The well-chosen collar, in terms of size, will never hurt your dog.

How to use/ adjust martingale dog collars?

Usually, such collars do not have a fastener at all but are simply worn over the head.

How to clean it?

Washing in the washing machine is enough.

Is a martingale collar humane?

It is 100% human. This technology was used years before us.

Do Martingale collars help with pulling?

They are initially designed to help with this.